11 May

Doesn’t it make a difference having some sunshine? I hope you’ve managed to enjoy some of it, I know the children have certainly been more excited about play times!

It’s not stopped us working hard though and I hope you enjoy seeing the results of the children’s efforts.

Class 1 have been working on Shapes in Maths, polyhedrons to be exact! You can see how they’ve handled and sorted the shapes to decide which category they belong to..

Class 2 were excited to see the chicks when they came back to visit. They have so many proper feathers now and have at least tripled in size – they’re massive! They are too big to stay in the box all day now so we have used tables and newspaper to make a temporary shelter for them..

Class 3 had a wonderful day out at Dovestones following an adventure trail. For our newest pupil Bailey..

..it was his first day at school too so he was super excited! The children walked, climbed, ran, explored and splashed – sounds like the perfect day doesn’t it?

In Art, class 5 are designing and making a range of necklaces. They started by each making one for somebody in Class 4. They had to think about their recipient and the colours and designs they might like. Class 4 were thrilled that Class 5 had made these for them and you can see them here modelling their gifts..

Finally, although our families will know about this, we had a very exciting day on Wednesday. We work with a coach from Manchester City each Tuesday, Kosta, and we were told that they would be bringing the League Cup for our children to see. We were amazed when they turned up with not just this, but the newly won PREMIERSHIP trophy too. We were the 1st school to receive a visit from it, very lucky indeed. Even though it was short notice, we all managed to have photos taken. We called Miss Rodgers at Upper who hotfooted it up Hollins Road with some pupils and we were also able to share the event with our friends at Lyndhurst (the school we share our site with), with some of their staff and children joining us in assembly too and having photos. Kian actually attended the City game that night too so saw it twice in one day!

A lovely week all in all, let’s hope this week is as productive.

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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