11 Jun

Our Year 6s have arrived safely in Wales for the start of their holiday! 7 very giddy boys had a wonderful time at Colwyn Bay Mountain Zoo – they fed the penguins, tired themselves out on the playground and met Alan the Alligator (their name for him!) before having some well earned lunch.

They couldn’t wait to get to the chalets so they could go swimming!

Quote of the day…. “Whoa Miss, look at the size of that eagle!”……”Nope, that’s a seagull, boys!”

All the boys are now in their pjs drinking hot chocolate after helping Mrs Sanderson celebrate her birthday..

We can’t wait for more fun tomorrow!! (we’ll send you more updates but the signal here isn’t very good for sending pictures)

Miss T. x

As the week progresses, find out what the boys have been getting up to here