14 Jun

The Year 6 boys (and the staff!!) have had a FANTASTIC time at Greenwood Forest Park today!!

We’ve had an amazing day today at the Greenwood Forest Park. We’ve been on slides galore (don’t believe anyone who tells you Mrs Sanderson screams!!), got wet through (thank you Ethan!), had a go at Archery (Kieran had the top score of the day in the WHOLE park) and went on rollercoasters too. Fantastic fun and we managed to avoid the hurricane too!

As you can see, they’ve worn us out!!

We have had other school teachers complimenting us on our children’s behaviour which was lovely to hear – they have been an absolute credit to all of the families.

Tonight we’ve been for a last swim (while Ethan and Mr Cruz watched Russia win 5-0) and then packed up and cleaned (thank you Rhys for helping!)

We are going to stop off in Llandudno tomorrow on the way home for a spot of tobogganing fun and aim to arrive at school for about 2.30pm.

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow,

Miss T. x

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