02 Jan

For the attention of all staff working across the New Bridge Group

As you know, our IT team have been working hard updating various systems and have now successfully transferred over the staff emails. Please see their update below for further details:

  • School computers/laptops

When accessing emails via Outlook you should receive a notification along the lines of “the system administrator has made some changes, please restart Outlook.”  Outlook should then ask you for your usual password and to restart it. Outlook should connect and open with all your old emails as it did before.

  • iPad/iPhone/Android phones

You will need to remove your existing email account and add it again. Select the options for “Exchange” if promoted and use your email address and usual password. The rest should auto configure after signing in and all your old emails should be there.

  • Website access

The link to staff emails in the footer of each New Bridge Group website will now take you to www.office.com where you can sign in using your email address and usual password.

You may have to reshare your calendars. Email groups will need redoing and will be done this week.

If you have any problems, please email the IT support desk at support@newbridgegroup.org