04 Jun

Miss Thomason has an update for us on our Year 6s’ first full day in Wales..

Well, the weather has been mixed today! It was lovely this morning and we spent a few hours crabbing outside the castle. We caught loads!!

..and earnt ourselves a treat..

This afternoon we headed over to Bethesda to explore Devil’s Kitchen. Even in the pouring rain, it was a magical place…wet, but magical!!

We even had Shetland ponies walking up the path with us, with their foals too – very cute!

I think the weather may have been partly my fault though – maybe if I’d picked a different t-shirt..

..we might not have got quite as wet..

The boys want to come back again another day though and they loved scrambling over the rocks..

A few soggy feet but a great time had by all and a lovely hot chocolate when we got back to the car park 🙂

Going to sort out tea now for everyone, then we are having a DVD and popcorn night!!

You can find more pictures of our fantastic holiday in our Facebook album here