30 Sep

It’s been an incredibly busy week at Spring Brook Primary. I’ve been out nearly every day visiting yet more pupils who are keen to join us. I’ve met with three families and shown them our provision – this is always a bittersweet experience. I’m proud to say that I’ve never shown anyone around who hasn’t then decided that they want their child to join our school. They without exception comment on how welcoming the children are and how ‘warm’ the school feels. I love sharing with them what we do and often involve some of our pupils in conducting the guided tour. However, it also saddens me as they share their experiences of their children being failed by the education system. I say the system, as it’s rarely levelled at specific schools, but our pupils have often had such miserable experiences of education that it breaks my heart. A child I visited this week – 5 years old and who has never completed a full day – asked me, “If I come to your school, can I make a Mother’s Day card?” I replied that of course he could and his answer was “Oh good, they always did that in the afternoons”. I actually cried on the way back to school thinking about that little boy – who will hopefully be joining us soon and making Mother’s Day cards whenever he chooses!

On Tuesday, I spent the day at a school in Tameside (where I did my very first teaching placement as a trainee incidentally!) completing the first day of training towards a foundation diploma in NLP – Neuro Linguistic Processing. I’m looking forward to learning more about this as it was certainly very interesting.

We have been joined this week by another new pupil, Joseph, who has joined Class 5 with Mrs Hill. He is lovely, so happy to be here and has had a fantastic week. Class 5 used their new ‘tuff trays’ to experience some ‘messy play’ this week – well, it certainly lived up to its name. Mia threw herself into the tray at one point and went home with pink hair – we’ve decided that next time we will change into swimming costumes first! Great fun was had by all.

They also spent a beautiful afternoon in Stamford Park and stayed cool in the fountains and with an ice-cream. Mrs Hill said that they behaved beautifully, taking turns, following instructions and playing safely which is just wonderful.

Wednesday was a first for us as we took seven children to take part in the Brownlee Foundation Triathlon at Hough End. Our children all took part in a swimming event, a cycling/scooter course and finished by completing a run. Mrs Pulman has fed back to them how brilliant the organisation of the event was and how well supported the children were. They had an amazing day and were so proud when they came back with a medal and a t-shirt each.

Well done Class 3 for representing us so well. Class 3 headed out again on Friday morning to learn about healthy eating and cooking at Pizza Express in Manchester. They learned about the ingredients, how to throw the dough and then got to make their very own pizza to take home with them for tea. They smelt delicious.

There are also photos of them in their Yoga session on Monday with Katie, who works with all of the children. Most of the children are really comfortable with the Yoga now and we have some who are choosing to use these new skills to help them to relax.

There are many ways that children can manage their own emotions and when they start to identify their own, we know we are making progress. Kaiden was one such example this week. He has taken to making his own sculptures with books in the corridor when he is feeling anxious. He has taken ages making patterns with them and is always proud of the end result. He then tidies it all away and is able to re-join the learning. Well done Kaiden.

Our box of goodies from Commando Joe’s has been put to good use this week. Teachers have been setting challenges that can only succeed with some excellent teamwork and a good dose of resilience. It’s fascinating to watch the children and how some struggle to show these skills. There are some natural leaders beginning to emerge and they are not always who you’d expect them to be?

We ended our week on Friday morning with our annual coffee morning in aid of Macmillan. What a fantastic charity. It was very well supported as always and we were delighted that so many of our new families could attend. Thank you to everyone that helped with donations of yummy cakes. We are pleased to say that we made a brilliant £105 – thank you so much for your generosity!

Next week, we will be taking some children to watch Manchester City play at the Etihad against Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League. None of the children we are taking have ever been to a football match before and are all very excited. It will be a long day and a late night, but they are worth it, so thank you to Marcus at City in the Community for supplying us with the tickets!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend,

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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