04 Oct

I’m writing this at home, on Sunday, thankful that the awful rain of yesterday has finally stopped – wasn’t it awful?! Luckily, it didn’t stop the children of Spring Brook Primary from having a fantastic week!

Starting off with Class 1, Mrs Fisher has continued to make the Maths lessons really practical and give them a real life purpose.  One thing we hear from the older children is “when am I ever going to need to know this?” So, we try to introduce lessons by posing a problem, and then teaching the Maths skills necessary to solve it. This week’s lessons have included counting up in 25s in order to play a game, and learning about negative numbers in order to solve a problem in the community room.

They also really impressed our Yoga teacher, Candice, with their balance – just look at Jasmine perfecting the Crow pose! Teamwork was the name of the game when it came to mastering the head stands though – they are braver than me…and well done Mrs Fisher for having a go too 🙂

Topic and literacy lessons have seen Class 1 learning about Tim Peake and his missions.  They have researched what he did and why, how he trained for the mission and also how long his recovery afterwards took.  They are now compiling this into newspaper reports.

Class 2 have been learning about the life of a different astronaut, Neil Armstrong.  They are going to be writing biographies and started off the process by designing a book cover using ‘pages’ on the iPads. Mr Cruz has also started to teach them how to use the brushes app to create pictures through adding layers. I watched some of this and it really is an amazing app to use. It helps children (and adults!) overcome anxieties about drawing as everything can be corrected/adjusted without having to start over.  I can’t wait to see what they produce.

This week has seen Class 3 eating the moon!! Not the real one of course, but Oreo cookie ones. They have used these to demonstrate the different phases of the moon cycle and enjoyed eating them afterwards too.  You can see Eric here using a flour and paint mix to make his moon picture.  They added bottle tops to make craters.

They carried out a great experiment with a tub of flour, dropping objects to show how the surface of the moon changes when a meteor hits it. They recorded this on the iPads and when they mirrored the iPad to the TV, got this amazing effect – Mrs Shortall isn’t quite sure how, but the children thought it was cool!

In Yoga, they were practising mirroring poses. Lucy really impressed as she was going further than this by putting together a series of moves to create her own flows.  Well done Lucy!

Cockfields Farm received another Spring Brook visit, but this time from Class 4 and Mrs Lawrie.  (For anyone who is interested by the way, their distancing and hygiene measures are excellent.) Zane just loved the animals and they loved him too.  I think he would have slept there if he could!  He even helped to stop an escaping goat!

The rest of the class showed us their fantastic imaginations by playing a monsters game on the play equipment.  It was wonderful to see them all playing well and being kind, and prompted a discussion about why sometimes they find this more difficult in the classroom.

Miss Fell was working with them on retelling stories earlier in the week.  To help them act the stories out at a later date, they have also started to make their own rockets using Modroc. These will look great once they are finished!

Finally to Class 5 who started the week off with a bang with some river walking. Soggy feet all round!  They went to Chadderton Park this week and had a whale of a time splashing about and learning about being safe near the water.  They met the horses in the field and learned about why you should never feed them anything apart from the grass.

They also did really well in Yoga and you can see them here mirroring yoga poses too.

English lessons have been about capital letters and full stops.  They have been doing this in many different ways – how proud do Harry and Tommy look?

They have also been working hard in Maths.

In Science, they have continued to learn about life cycles.  Here is some of the writing they have done when recalling facts about frogs and their habitats.

The Chrysalis Station was a hive of excitement this week as our butterflies started to break free and dry their wings.  Class 5 were very excited to free them into the wild.

Finally, our green fingered gardener Rylan brought in some home grown tomatoes that he had planted earlier in the year.  They were delicious, much tastier than any you can buy in the supermarket! Well done Rylan and thank you for sharing them.

If you haven’t downloaded our new Parent Connect app yet, please will you do so asap?  It is making keeping our families up to date so easy and the feedback we have had so far us great.

Well, that’s all for this week – all take care and I will see you soon hopefully.

Miss Thomason 🙂
Head of School

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