29 Jan

It’s been a funny, old week!

We have had to be very adaptable this week as our staff have been hit with a nasty bug – nothing Covid related – so the children have been following different routines to those they normally would. They have, as always, been amazing and thanks to everyone’s hard work we have been able to continue supporting all of our remote learners too.

Class 1 have been learning about Forces and Water Resistance in Science. They built their own model boats and had a visit to Chadderton Park to test their theories. Lots of fun was had in the process.

Luke has also been showing what a great peer mentor he is whilst he was out at play time. He spotted Bailey persevering with the basketball and thought he would give him a helping hand (or two!) Well done Luke.

Class 3 have been busy working on their key skills of Maths and reading/writing. Mrs Pulman made them an adding machine to help them understand what the + and = signs mean. They can drop the right number of cubes into each cup and they equal the amount that falls into the tray at the bottom. It’s working and they are doing very well – you can see Eric having a go here.

Mrs Shortall has been busy supporting our remote learners and sent us these snaps of Bradley being busy at home. She has been using Showbie on the iPads to work with Bradley so that he can still make progress with his learning whilst at home. Well done Bradley, you have been working very hard indeed!

They have continued to learn about Volcanoes and made these fantastic pictures..

They have also been learning how to make poached eggs to have with their bagels – I wonder if those eggs came from Mrs Pulman’s chickens which she hatched in school last year? Looks delicious Harley 🙂

Class 4 have also been busy making a huge model of a volcano – Luke, Tyler and Joshua have been working well as a team to complete this.

You can also see that they have been working on their column addition in Maths, with Luke and Joshua showing you their work. Well done boys.

Class 3 and class 4 have joined together for their outdoor education the last couple of weeks. It is a really valuable opportunity for the children to develop their resilience, have a go at things that they might not have done before, work as a team, use their imagination, resolve disputes – the list is endless really and it is something that our children get a lot from.

You may have noticed a theme with their trips – water and mud seem to feature quite heavily!! At Hollingworth Lake they were able to explore a small stream which had flooded with all the recent rain, play on the park, investigate what they could find in the mud (hence Luke’s muddy face!) and challenged each other to jump in the stream….you must watch the video to the end though 🙂

This week they went to Dovestones and had a whale of a time playing on the rocks and climbing trees.

Lucy and Joshua helped each other to balance whilst walking across the moorland – they couldn’t understand why they kept falling over!

They even found a skeleton that belonged to a sheep – complete with teeth – and were fascinated that they could identify a lot of its parts.

Class 5 have continued to make lots of progress too. Harry, Bailey and Mia have been playing with the building bricks..

..they went for a lovely walk in the park and had lots of fun rolling down the hill..

I love the video showing Sofiane’s unique style! Mia loved getting muddy and they were very excited to find some puddles covered with ice. They found lots of lovely patterns in it. They have used the Alphabet Arc to spell words, here are Tommy and Mia to show you how they got on..

..and Harry and Mia have been practising their number bonds to 10 – Harry in the water and Mia with cubes..

They have also been having a gross motor skills workout to Tina Turner! Gross motor means doing things that use the large muscles in the torso, arms and legs to complete whole body movements. They play the Proud Mary track and use scarves to make big circles with their arms in time to the music.

Later, they practised using both hands together to draw circles with pens – this can be quite tricky. All of these exercises will help them when it comes to writing and forming curly letters.

Finally, they have been doing lots of activities to show they can be good friends – playing board games, building train tracks and making towers. Well done Class 5.

A big well done too to all of our home learners who are logging into Showbie regularly, working with Mrs Elliott to do their reading interventions, accessing live lessons for phonics and Maths and keeping in touch via the class chats. We are very proud of you all.

A quick reminder that we have two weeks to go until we finish for half term. Our last day is Friday 12th February and we re-open on Tuesday 23rd February. We will be continuing to provide school meal vouchers during the half-term to those that qualify.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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