05 Feb

This week’s blog is looking at the ways in which we have celebrated Children’s Mental Health Week.  There are 5 steps to mental wellbeing which we can all learn from.  These are:

  • Connect – connect with people around you, whether this be at work, school or with family members.  Just because we can’t see them physically at the moment, FaceTime, make phone calls, send a card through the post, but don’t be isolated.
  • Be Active – walk, run, cycle, do the gardening, dance
  • Take Notice – be curious and catch sight of the beautiful things around us. Remark on the unusual, saviour the moment and be aware of what you are feeling
  • Keep learning – try something new or rediscover an old interest.
  • Give – do something nice for a friend or a stranger.  Thank someone, smile, volunteer your time.

Our curriculum provides many opportunities for the children (and staff!) to engage in these strategies and we want to share some of these with you here.

Class 1 and 2 have spent time talking about how they relaxed at home and whether when they were “relaxing” they could recognise how their bodies changed.  Often the activities they choose to relax, or get themselves to sleep, were things like playing games online.  They looked at how this actually stimulated their brain activity, rather than helping to calm it down and ready it for sleep.  Mr Cruz and Mrs Fisher demonstrated a different way to relax.  They watched and listened to a track of the sights and sounds of Ireland.  They used the Yoga mats to make themselves comfortable and consciously thought about altering their breathing.  They used techniques that they have been learning in Yoga and mindfulness sessions to slow their breathing.  Afterwards, they discussed how it had made them feel and used words such as calm, at peace, relaxed and warm.  Bailey even drifted off to sleep.  We hope that they will be able to use these strategies when they are feeling either anxious, angry or simply incorporate it into their own bedtime routines.

Class 3 and 4 have also been busy.  They have been active on their trip to Dovestones where they explored the rocks and had fun in the water.

They also went to visit the chickens we hatched last year and collected some eggs.

The next morning, they learned how to scramble and poach these and had them with their bagels for breakfast.  Luke even made me a poached egg and it was delicious!  Thank you Luke.

They have been busy completing physical challenges in the gym..

..and have practised their addition through playing shop..

In Relax Kids sessions, they have played team games, made rainmakers with relaxing sounds..

..and ended with some relaxation and breathing techniques.

Bradley is currently learning at home and is making fantastic progress with Mrs Shortall.  She works with him twice a day to complete his learning on Showbie and also to complete his precision teaching activities to boost his reading.  You are doing incredibly well Bradley, we are proud of you!

Class 5 ventured to Hollingworth Lake and went on a nature walk to improve their wellbeing.  They had a wonderfully muddy time, jumping in puddles, playing with their friends, splashing in the mud and playing on the trim trail.

They have taken part in Yoga and been able to express themselves through our small world play – planes, trains and automobiles were the order of the day!

They have also been thinking about keeping physically healthy and combined this with learning how to write instructions.  Class 5 are doing so well with their reading, writing and spelling – they are loving taking their work to other classes and coming to show me their progress.

Don’t forget that next week is our last week in school before half-term, but that we are not back in until Tuesday 23rd February.

Take care everyone and have a lovely weekend.

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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