28 Feb

News from the Government this week confirmed what we had been waiting for, which was that we could start to welcome our pupils back from 8th March. We are so excited about this. As good as our remote learning offer has been, we simply miss your children!

We also have some new children joining us shortly, but we will be settling our existing pupils back into their routines before they join us on a full time basis.

Lots of fantastic learning was seen around school last week and here are some snippets of it that I can share with you….

Owen in Class 1 has been asking Mrs Fisher if they could grow some plants. They had a ride to the Garden Centre to buy what they needed and are now waiting for their Marigolds and Sunflowers to grow.

They also had an impromptu trip to the park when our roof was being fixed as it was so noisy! Owen made himself very comfortable in the spinning egg as you can see.

Class 2 have had a great week. They used the VR headsets to take part in an expedition to the heart of an active volcano. They were mesmerised by it!

Mrs Fisher brought in her grill and spent time teaching the children to make scrambled egg to go with their breakfast. There was some smoked salmon to try too and Jack loved it. Owen didn’t like the smell but all the boys were fantastic and tried the different tastes.

Class 2 also planned an experiment to make poisonous gas, by mixing baking powder and vinegar to CO2. The gas took away all the oxygen which made the flames on the candle go out. They also used the plastic bags to demonstrate how invisible gases still take up space.

Classes 3 and 4 joined forces again for their trips out. They had a lovely couple of hours in the sunshine at Tandle Hills and spent a fantastic day at Healey Dell Nature Reserve in Rochdale – what a beautiful place! They passed the day exploring, wading through the streams, finding treasure, climbing trees and even found time to practise their balancing skills in the park on the way home.

Class 4 have had a productive week too – they have been building their model of a volcano and made it erupt, they took part in lots of activities to learn about keeping safe on Safer Internet Day, Josh and Luke have been trying hard with their writing of newspaper reports about the sinking of the Titanic and played team Jenga during Relax Kids – Lucy made it out alive, don’t worry!

It has been a busy week in Class 5 – they’ve been practising subtraction, with a number line ladder..

You can see 3 of our home learners joining in too..

Harry is here reinforcing his learning with the iPad and got 100% on his game..

..and Tommy helped Mia in a game of snakes and ladders..

The video shows Tommy reading one of the books from our new scheme – he is doing so well using his phonics knowledge to read new words!

Tommy W wrote Miss Wright a note from home..

..and Gracie is doing so well with her phonics and writing.

In Maths they’ve been comparing numbers..

Denvon was showing us the spellings he has done with his mum and Rylan has been wowing us all week with his efforts at home. The children made some chocolate crisps cakes to take home for Valentines Day and they have been matching 3D shapes.

To end their week, Joseph had a phone call and spent a while chatting to Rylan who he is missing a lot – definitely BFFs!

Don’t forget that we are celebrating World Book Day on Wednesday 3rd March this week so if your children would like to dress up, they are more than welcome. We have some costumes in school too that they could borrow, so just mention it to their teacher and we will sort that out. The teachers are dressing up too…photos to follow!

Well, I hope you have all been able to make the most of the lovely weather we have had this weekend … Spring is certainly on its way.

Take care,

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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