21 Mar

I think the staff team breathed a collective sigh of relief when we got to home time on Friday! Nothing to do with the children I might add, but it has been one of those weeks where time hasn’t been on our side – exhausted doesn’t even come close!

It’s on days and weeks like these where I am really thankful that we have a team of such amazing staff. Despite being a bit thin on the ground, the children have had a productive week. We have a daily de-brief where we reflect on the impacts we have seen that day – that’s so important when you feel your day hasn’t always gone to plan and our daily chats have highlighted many positives. Here are a few…..

We have worked with Manchester City for a while now. Matthew joins us each Wednesday to work with all the children on physical challenges and Lauren from the City Lifestyles team joins us on a Monday to deliver Healthy Lifestyles sessions. This week, they were cooking Fajitas and the staff room smelt amazing! Each child chose and prepared all of their own fresh ingredients, they talked about using the knives safely, they were able to try new foods and decide if they wanted to include them, they looked at the different food groups and how they could make their Fajitas balanced…..and then they ate them!! They were certainly a hit and all the children enjoyed them. Maybe they could make you some at home?

Class 2 have been studying the Sahara Desert – they used the virtual reality headsets to visit there and examine the features of a desert.

As part of their learning, they made this wonderful artwork. Liam chose to do his on the iPad and made a great job of that too.

Logan was particularly pleased with his Maths this week. They have been looking at symmetry and he has done a great job.

Mr Hopkins set up the gym for a Parkour session this week, always a popular one with the children of all ages. You can see our new pupil Freddy getting stuck in to the circuit here.

Class 3 sent Mrs Pulman off to the Lake District this week (lucky her!) to start her training to become a Forest Schools Leader. She has loved it and has been building dens, making fires, whittling wood, creating mobiles and much more. She can’t wait to share these exciting activities with the children, expanding our curriculum even further. In her absence, the children have continued to work really hard. The class has been focusing on writing and following instructions and demonstrating good teamwork and friendship skills. They have played Boccia together..

..have helped each other with tasks, have noticed if a friend was upset or sad, celebrated St Patrick’s Day..

..written then followed instructions to make a sandwich and much more..

Calvin has really taken to the new desks that we are trialling. He says that he much prefers to sit on the floor because he can still wriggle and change from sitting to kneeling, without disturbing his friends. How thoughtful Calvin, well done for recognising that.

Class 4 have been learning about money in Maths and Mrs Lawrie said they were doing so well, she thought they needed to practice with the real thing! Mrs Sanderson kindly raided her money jar at home and each child went to the shop with their bag of coins and shopped for real. They had to calculate how much the things they would like would cost and then compare this to how much money they actually had. At the till, they selected the coins they needed and then made sure that they had received the right amount of change. They all felt very important!

Our new pupils have continued to settle in amazingly and it has been lovely to see and hear feedback from both them and their families. Thank you for that – you cannot overestimate the ‘feel good’ factor that this creates amongst the staff team and it really is appreciated.

Apologies that this is a bit briefer than usual – I’m having difficulties loading Class 5s photos so as soon as I can, I will add these as a separate post.         ** you can now find part 2 here **

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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