22 Mar

I’ve been able to pick up Class 5s photos now I’m back in school and what a super week of learning they have had!

We know our children need to access their learning in lots of different ways.  This both helps them to retain the information, but it also appeals to different styles of learning too.  Adults are just the same – some of us would rather learn by listening, others by reading or watching and others by doing.  By offering the children lots of different ways to learn, we can establish the learning preferences of each one and ensure they get a rich sensory diet.

We have been using the gym to build a phonics trail – as the children move over the obstacles, they have to identify the sound they are passing.  Here is a little video of Mia showing you how it works….

We also have lots of different ways to learn to read and spell our focus words – these have included musical statues, where the last child to move has to spell the word to stay in the game as well as more traditional methods of spelling – these whiteboards are Sofiane’s fantastic efforts.

It’s the same in Maths – lots of ways to reinforce the same learning, lots of opportunity to practice, applying their new skills to solving number problems (like Cullen is doing here) and the use of number lines and part/whole models to make a number.

We also offer lots of sensory experiences throughout their learning day – ordering numbers in the water and writing numbers in the sand for example.

Fine motor skills are essential to build up the muscles in the fingers, which we need to type and write, so we practice these often too through using tweezers to pick up beads, threading and joining links.

Harry made his into a necklace and Mia made a string long enough for a skipping rope!

I think you will agree that they have been super busy bees this week – well done Class 5 🙂

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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