28 Mar

We are nearing the end of the Spring Term and, as tired as both us and the children are, it almost seems to have come around too soon. We have welcomed four new children in the last couple of weeks, on the back of returning from lockdown, and they are all settling in well. With the exception of not having our music teacher on site and not yet going swimming, our curriculum is back to normal and the children are experiencing full, action packed days!

Class 5 have had a busy week – they have been embedding the learning they have done around number facts to 5 and to promote their mental recall have been playing a number of games outside. In one, Miss Wright held up a number card and each child, representing their team, had to find the two numicon pieces that make up that number and place them in the hoop. They have been matching ladybird halves and have been solving missing number problems, using the balance scales to check their calculations.

They have been learning all about the “oo” sound this week, reading and spelling words with it in. It included some really tricky ones too!

Class 3 have been measuring in non-standard units, which means not using cm’s or mm’s. Lucy used some ‘magic beans’ and tricked Mr Arnold and I into lying on the floor to see how many beans tall we were!

Class 1 led the way with our giant bubbles at playtime, kindly brought to us by @cazam giant bubbles. These were great fun and I’m sure they will be a popular addition to our playground games. Here is a video showing Zoe, Freddy and Blake using them.

Marley also showed great leadership skills during a gym session. He recognised that some of his class were getting frustrated with some challenges and therefore not joining in as much. He suggested to Mrs Fisher a way of rearranging some equipment so that everyone in his class had an exercise that they could excel at. How thoughtful Marley, well done.

Class 5 also had lots of fun in the gym taking part in a fine motor circuit. They practised cutting, dabbling the pen in the spots, using tweezers to put beads and poms poms in the holes of the numicon, threading the correct number of beads onto pipe cleaners, threading the right letters on reels to spell our focus words, made a hungry Caterpillar and a pairs memory game!

They’ve played with the chalkboard at playtime and here is Tommy sharing his artwork.

Class 3 and 4 had a wonderful trip out on Thursday. After a morning at Stamford Park, they headed over to Daisy Nook to eat lunch and do some river walking. They had an amazing time – squelchy socks and smiles all round!

Tyler was disappointed to find people had left their rubbish in this beautiful spot, so decided to tidy it all up. Well done Tyler for looking after your community.

In class, they have been looking at how sound travels and made some string telephones to test their theories. They have taught each other to play card games, played shop in Maths and Joshua and Luke have continued to enjoy using our flexible desks.

Well, we have only four days to go until the Easter Bunny arrives – hope you all enjoy your weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week 🙂

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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