30 Apr

We have a bumper “2 for the price of 1” blog this week, as unfortunately I ran out of time last weekend and couldn’t get it all sent to Mrs Butler to upload.

The children have been as busy as ever – we have seen budding scientists, detectives, horticulturists, athletes and farmers over the last two weeks.  Here is a taste of what we’ve been up to.

Class 4 have been learning all about things down on the farm.  Now that more places are able to open safely, they were able to visit the wonderful Smithills Farm in Bolton.  It’s still a proper working farm, but they have a petting zoo area  as well as many other things to keep the children busy.

The only problem with trips like this is that the children all come back with a long request of animals we ‘need’ to have in school.  Bailey was smitten with the rabbits and judging the hug that Liam is giving the Llama, we are lucky he didn’t sneak him in the bus on his way home!

In Science they have been learning about the differences between solids, liquids and gases.  They have found out that the particles within them are different – some just float around with lots of space, others bump into each other as they move around a lot and others are tightly packed together.  They used their bodies to demonstrate how the particles move in different materials.

In the gym, they have used the Commando Joe equipment to work as a team to solve challenges.  They did very well too, thinking about the words they used and how best to get others to do what they need them to.

Class 2 had a great lesson with Lauren from Manchester City last week.  They made scrambled egg wraps, packing them full of lovely, healthy veggies that they prepared themselves.  I think Bailey enjoyed his!

On their trip this week, they visited Standedge, just outside of Delph.  Mr Cruz said they were blessed with a lovely sunny day and the boys enjoyed scrambling over rocks and playing hide and seek on a massive scale!  Zane enjoyed his first class 2 trip as well.  The views are just magnificent.  I’d like to highlight another learning/development point here though, without naming the child involved.  Only 12 months ago, one of these children didn’t make it more than 200 yards from the car park on a trip before sitting down and announcing “I don’t do walking”…and refused to budge!!  He has been encouraged, cajoled (and sometimes virtually carried) up hills, so that he could realise what he was missing out on when they got to the top.  Whilst he can still complain on the way up, the sense of achievement he feels when they make it is just wonderful to see.  He talks about the “peace” he feels when he is able to soak in the views and the quiet – that in itself is priceless, as well as the benefits to his physical health.  It’s often hard work choosing a trip like this, but this is why we persevere with them.

Last week in Class 3, our chicks hatched.  The children were able to see this happen and it was an experience they will never forget.  They were very worried about how long it was taking but through their research found that the chicks only have a tiny hook on their beaks to be able to peck out of the shell with.  It is very tiring for them and sometimes they are not strong enough to make it out.

We also had some eggs that didn’t hatch because they hadn’t fully developed so the class were able to study pictures of the various stages of development and work out at which stage they had stopped growing.

On a visit to the farm to collect some more eggs, the farmer took them to meet some baby ducks that had been born the day before.  .

Lucy made a nest for Mrs Pulman (yes, she did have to sit in it and pretend to be a chick!)  Lucy even dug up some worms for her – lucky Mrs Pulman!  Forest School learning at its best

Here is Lucy’s new baby that she looks after at playtime.  One of Mrs Pulman’s friends kindly knitted a cardigan and a hat for her.  She knows that using a loud voice can upset a baby or the chicks and is doing very well in transferring these skills into the classroom.

Kayleb has been renamed the chick whisperer!  When he sits down and crosses his legs, all of the chicks run to jump on his knee!  The class have been learning about the different stages of their development and are surprised that they already have their own little characters.

We have used Go Noodle to keep active and dancing – here are Eric and Lucy showing the rest how it’s done!

I am sure that some people must wonder why outdoor education is such an important part of our curriculum?  The photos of class 3 on the 5-way swing demonstrate this perfectly.  When we first visited the park a couple of months back, each child was concerned only with being the first to get to the swing and being able to have a go at the exclusion of the others.  This invariably led to some being upset and children falling out.  Adults then modelled different ways to play, used activities in school to practice teamwork and bit by bit, the children realise that by playing together, they can all have much more fun.  Just look at them now!  They actually love the challenge of being able to get everybody on the swing and work hard to make sure that nobody is left out.  It also enables children who may not be as vocal in class to ‘find their voice’ which is great to see.  Well done Class 3.

Class 5 have been busy bees!  Their new maths topic is measuring length and they have been using many different ways to do this.

Here is Mia busy using her ruler to measure how long objects in the classroom were.

Kayne and new pupil Zac, measuring the worms in the water..

We found out how far could we jump from a standing position…

They have been learning all about how plants grow and went on a wild flower hunt.  I think we have some budding horticulturists – they have been looking in the grounds for different parts of the flower – some were still shoots / buds whereas some already have petals.

Here is Sofiane showing us the beautiful daffodils they made…

They have planted their own seeds and been learning about what a plant needs to be able to grow.

They have used our iPads to help us tell the story of Handa’s Surprise…

The sunshine has meant they could do their maths outside – here is Kayne recapping on his addition to 10…

One afternoon they were shocked to find that class 7 had become a Crime Scene – who had made a mess in Class 7?  The children needed to get their detective hats on and study the clues.  They measured the footprints and then compared these to the suspects feet.  They learned that you don’t always have to measure in cm’s, so they used pegs, dominoes, teddies and paper clips instead.

Class 5 have also been learning about how they are similar and different to other people.  They compared the size of their feet, the length of their arms, the colour of their eyes and skin and made some lovely self-portraits.  They also talked about what made them special.  Last week they were finding out the difference between what they ‘want’ and what they ‘need’.  This was interesting!  As you would expect from some of the younger children, the answers were varied and often amusing.  They ranged from ‘needing’ a boyfriend and a billion pounds to our favourite, which was Tommy W ‘wanting’ covid to be finished. I think we all agree with you Tommy 🙂

Finally, to Class 1.  Their trip out took them to Royton Park.  Mrs Fisher tells me that it has all been done up and is looking amazing.  The play area is really good if anyone fancies a free, local day out?

The pupils were thrilled to find tadpoles in the pond and were learning all about what these would turn into.

They enjoyed their session with Lauren from City, making a healthy granola. Most thought they wouldn’t like it, but by trying all the different parts and choosing their own ingredients, they all tucked in by the end of the session.

And just look at these action shots!  Jasmine and Luke had a great time setting each other challenges and jumping over the boulders – I think Luke changed his mind half-way through though by the look on his face!

Well, that’s it from Spring Brook Primary for this week.  Don’t forget that it’s a Bank Holiday on Monday so we won’t be back in school until Tuesday next week.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and we will see you all soon.

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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