07 May

I think we have had four seasons in one this week – the weather has been mad hasn’t it?  I’ve never known our children run out to play in their t-shirts, and come running back in because it’s hailstoning!  Let’s hope that the sunshine is back with us soon 🙂

Class 1 will start us off this week.  They hit the ground running working with Lauren from Manchester City.  This week they were practising knife skills and Tyreece was great at helping Owen out.  They all used the equipment safely and the finished result was really tasty.

The food theme continued throughout the week as they used it to learn about how the Romans built their roads.  Using cake, cake crumbs, custard and a wafer, they built their edible roads and this helped them to remember the different layers.  They could all describe how a Roman Road was built – very clever!

Class 1 are our spelling champions and they didn’t disappoint this week either.  It was certificates all around after this weeks test – including Marley, he was just camera shy 🙂

Luke is making brilliant progress with his reading – it is fantastic to see him growing in confidence 🙂

On Thursday, Mrs Fisher introduced our Primary Engineer project to Class 1.  The challenge is to design a moving vehicle for their class mascot, Frankie the Flamingo!  They will be bringing together skills from what are known as the STEM subjects, which is a combination of Science, Technology and Maths.  I look forward to seeing their developments over the coming weeks.

Our chicks are growing well and Harley in Class 3 completed some wonderful writing about the life cycle of a hen.

One parent gave us some feedback that had made her very emotional.  Her son, in Y5, barely spoke when he first joined us.  Incredibly anxious and shy, he would go without, rather than have to ask for anything.  We invest a lot of time in building trusting relationships with our pupils as when these are in place, they then start to take risks because they trust that we won’t let them come to harm.

His mum told us that over the Bank Holiday weekend, an ice cream man stopped in their street.  She was amazed because he went, by himself and asked for an ice cream.  This is the first time he has ever done anything like this and she was so emotional.  This is why our curriculum includes so many life skills elements and opportunities to develop speaking and listening.  It’s about developing the whole child, not just the academic achievements – it really is so important.

Sebastian in Class 4 was very proud of this beautiful painting he had made.  Mrs Lawrie told me how whilst he was making it, he kept telling her how he was trying his best.  We can tell you were Sebastian, it’s wonderful.

Class 4 made some delicious pizza wheels and you can see the children here showing you the different stages…

They rolled out the puff pastry….

Spread the tomato puree base…

Grated the cheese, taking care not to catch their fingers!

Cut up and added the ham…

And then rolled it up and cut it into slices once cooked – so simple to make.

They have been using cubes to help them with their division calculations and to make arrays…

…and Sebastian was snapped here helping Bailey with some tricky words.

Lots of excellent team working Class 4, well done.

Harry in Class 5 came to show me his writing about their class book, Handa’s Surprise.  When I said how good it was, he corrected me telling me it was in fact super!!  Well Harry, I stand corrected 🙂

They have made some lovely artwork connected to their Science topic, How Plants Grow..

..and have used the iPads to retell stories..

In Maths, they have been estimating weights this week and then testing how close they were by using the balance scales.

In phonics, they have been learning the short “oo” sound (like in cook) and the long “oo” sound (like in moon).  The children worked in pairs to sound these words out and decide which sound they contained.

They rounded off their week with a trip to Heaton Park where they had a ball, despite the frequent showers.

They loved the big slide..

..took turns, helped each other, climbed trees and ran up and down hills – it sounds like the perfect day and yet again, they behaved wonderfully.

Well, the weather forecast is on the news as I write this, and there appears to be a bit more sunshine promised for next week…fingers crossed.  See you all next week,

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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