17 May

Apologies for the late blog this week everyone.  The weeks are ticking by and whilst I will be glad to see the end of this last 18 months, I just wish between now and the end of the year would slow down a little!

Let’s start with Class 1, who as well as continuing their progress with their spellings..

..have also been learning in History about the Romans.  They have researched how they used mosaics as decoration.  They have researched the internet for pictures to use as inspiration and started to do some Roman Mosaic Art printing.  Borders have been done this week and they will continue with the centre later on.  They are going to look amazing!

In Science they have been learning about materials that insulate.  They used ice cubes and different materials to see which was the best thermal insulator, making predictions, then designed a fair test to see if they were correct.

Harley, in class 3, used the stop/start animation on the iPads to re-tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  Hasn’t he done a great job?

They have also been learning about celebrating Ramadan and how during this period, Muslims like to do good things particularly during this month in their calendar.  Class 3 thought about all of the good things that they do for others and made their own Tree of Good Deeds.

They also made a celebration meal for Sofiane to come and share as part of his Eid celebrations.

In Maths, they have been learning about mass.  They estimated who had the most to least mass in their group, and then headed to the park to test this out using the seesaw.  They predicted correctly – well done Class 3!

In Topic, they have been learning about how the Romans went to battle and how important their shields were.  The class designed and made their own Roman shields and I think they look fantastic!

They finished their week with a lovely trip to Cannon Hall Farm.  They met cheeky goats, played on the park, ate delicious ice creams and much, much more!

Judging by the snoozing on the bus on the way home, it looks like they had an amazing time!

Class 4 have been busy in English using lots of games to support their learning.  They have been working in different groups and pairs to practise their speaking and listening to.  Here are some of them playing a compound word game where they had to find two words that join together to make a new one – like ‘foot’ and ‘ball’ = football.

They have also been finding numbers with the Numicon pieces and getting quicker at recognising the number of objects in front of them without have to count them individually.

On their trip to the park, Joshua was being so kind to Bailey by helping his friend.  Well done Josh!

Class 5 have continued using the book Handa’s Surprise to support their learning.  This week has seen them completing matching activities and taking part in fruit tasting, describing both the textures and appearances of the fruit.

I wonder what Cullen had tried on this one??

Another day, they were told about a mystery in class 6.  To solve the mystery, they had to don protective gear which would give them super powers!!

Working in pairs, they had to solve puzzles to access clues that would help them create a really, really, really disgusting potion!  The ingredients were really gross – monster tears, snail sick, frogs’ snot and bats’ blood! Eugh class 5!!!  They had to measured ingredients carefully using millilitres which meant using different apparatus like spoons and syringes.  It was very exciting and resulted in some fab writing too.  Well done Class 5 – you were all braver than me tasting those!

We have a short video clip here of Tommy reading his new book on the iPad – he really is making great progress, well done Tommy!

Hopefully, we will have some more clips of the children using the new microscope next week.  Several have had a go so far and been really excited by what they could see through the lens.

Cullen is desperate to find a four-leafed clover because he wants to put it under the microscope to “find out what makes it lucky” – very cute!

See you all soon,

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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