13 Jun

It’s a bumper one this week as it includes some updates from before half term, as well as a look at what the holiday club got up to!

Whilst this last 18 months has felt at times to be dragging unbearably slowly, I can’t believe that we have only 5 more weeks in school! One thing I’m really pleased about though is that this year, our Y6 transition work, getting them ready for Y7, has started in earnest and it’s face to face! Mr Roscoe has joined us from upper for a couple of days this week and there has been a visible weight lifted off the shoulders of the Y6 pupils. Jack told Mr Cruz, only 30 minutes after Mr Roscoe being in class, “Sir, I’m excited about Y7 now!” That’s wonderful Jack, there is lots for you to look forward to.

We have also made plans for our Y6 leavers with a Celebration Week in lieu of our usual residential trip to Wales. We have some exciting things planned…including a sleepover at school! We must be bonkers…but they are worth a sleepless night!

We have had some budding electricians in Class 1. They have worked together to investigate whether materials are electrical conductors or insulators and then used the correct components to build a complete circuit. They completed a number of challenges along the way.

They have also made their ‘apprentice’ level cars for their Primary Engineer accreditation. This involved careful following of instructions and following the safety guidelines for the tools that they needed to use.

In Commando Joe, they were creating a shelter to defend themselves against the Roman Army. Class 1s teamworking and problem solving skills are really developing. This is evident during social times and less structured times, with less falling out and more independent dispute resolution. Well done Class 1.

Zoe has made this lovely little stop motion animation using her iPad – how good is this?

They ended their week with a trip to St Anne’s (I think we should take buy our own bit of that beach!) Last time they visited, Mrs Fisher said all they wanted to do was dig holes! So this time, they went armed with spades and dig they did! They had a wonderful day.

Class 2 have been using their senses to help them write a description of a ghost ship in English. Mr Cruz used the pages app on the iPads to create a writing frame to support them and also provided a first sentence in each one to start them off, if they wanted to use it. Bailey asked to work outside and chose not to use Mr Cruz’s starters, but instead wrote all of this completely independently. Another young man growing in confidence…well done Bailey!

In Geography, they have been finding out about minerals found in stones. They used the hammer to smash up stones collected from the beach so they could examine the different colours and research what they might be.

In maths, they have been looking at digital and analogue clocks and other different ways to tell the time. I’ve seen how well they are doing with this, as they are scanning clocks wherever they go!

They have also had a teamwork session on the field. They had to listen carefully and follow the instructions to put up both tents correctly. They did really well.

Liam’s favourite animal is the Mallard Duck and he wanted to draw one. He carefully worked in stages, using a pencil to sketch, pencil crayons to add colour and gel pens to create a free hand outline. Well done Liam, it’s very realistic!

Class 3 have been looking at weighing and measuring in their Lifeskills lessons (with some secret maths thrown in!) They have been using the scales to balance each side and have a fun time with Matthew, our sports coach from Manchester City.

They have continued to care for our chickens and like introducing them to class 5, taking care to show them how to hold them safely.

The whole school smelt of yummy gingerbread men – you can see Eric and Calvin working well together here and Kayleb and Lucy cutting theirs out.

Class 3 had a great trip to Leeds Armouries where they got to learn about lots of famous battles and the kinds of weapons that would have been used. They even got to see a real sword fight and suggest what the swordsman needed to do next to stop their enemy from wounding them.

They have enjoyed cricket in PE too – I think they were better than England have been against New Zealand!

Class 4 have been enjoying our new PSHE scheme of work – this stands for Personal, Social & Emotional Education. We deliver a lot of this through using a story as a starting point, which then encourages lots of discussion. Now of course, that requires children to have good speaking and listening skills – something that not all of ours have yet mastered! Having been called upon before to help referee, sorry – support the children during these lessons, it’s amazing to see where they are now. They have progressed from not being able to listen long enough to one child’s viewpoint, to being able to sit in a circle and listen, ask questions and respond to each other – it’s fantastic!

In this weeks session with Mrs Lawrie, they spoke about how it makes them feel if someone is unkind to them. Responses like “it hurts my soul” and “I feel crushed, like I’m in a box and can’t get out” were what we heard. Wow. Later that day, we saw this in action with two children resolving a squabble independently and being really aware about how they had made the other feel. Well done class 4.

These newly developed team working skills were evident at the park too earlier in the week – just look at these smiles : -)

They have also been doing very well in Maths with Miss Fell where they have been using cubes to help them model division calculations.

Reading continues to go from strength to strength – you can see Joshua and Sebastian enjoying a book here 🙂

Class 5 have been learning their left and right hand sides, so don’t be surprised if you hear a bit of the Hokey Cokey when you come into school!

They have had to program the beebots to get around a map and followed instructions to move their counter forwards, backwards, left and right.

They have carried on learning about plants in school..

..and this weather has meant that we can make the most of our outdoor provision too..

Ice creams, being buried in the sand and cricket were the name of the day when class 5 headed off to the seaside. They had a wonderful day.

Before we finished for half term – class 5 also had a great day out at Blackpool Zoo..

I think the buses were very quiet (apart from snoring!) on the way home.

I’ve also includes a few snaps to share to what we got up to during our holiday club – again, the weather was our friend, so we got out as much as possible and a lovely week was had by all 🙂

A quick reminder that if anybody needs to order any uniform for September, please use the parent app as we are not able to accept cash in the school office any longer.

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend and fingers crossed for an England win!

Take care,

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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