Our curriculum gives our pupils access to creative learning opportunities tailored to their individual needs. The children benefit from a Spring Brook offer that is innovative and personalised and our curriculum is emerging as a strength of the school.

Together with our partners, we work to continue to be at the forefront of successful, innovative curriculum design with overall breadth and balance. As a result, the pupils benefit from excellent opportunities in all aspects of our curriculum to achieve and improve their skills, knowledge, understanding and well-being.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum at an appropriate and challenging level. This supports our children in developing a core foundation of knowledge and skills that will enable them to reach their potential.

Our Nurture Group offers a bespoke learning programme and differentiated curriculum for learners who struggle in the main school setting. The Nurture Group promotes a ‘learning for all’ ethos that focuses on academic achievement, social, emotional and behavioural development and raising aspirations for the future. A balanced curriculum is delivered within the Nurture Group which reflects the subjects studied in the main school; accompanying these are enrichment sessions that focus on social, emotional and behavioural needs. The academic sessions aim to focus on developing literacy and numeracy skills as well as developing and improving knowledge and skills in other subjects across the curriculum. Boxhall Profile is used to assess learners’ progress in relation to their social and emotional well-being. Pupils are encouraged to reflect on their learning and set their own targets throughout their learning journey.

The Primary curriculum at Spring Brook Academy offers our learners a broad range of both enriched academic and life learning experiences. The Primary curriculum has evolved over a short period of time to ensure we better meet the needs of the pupils. We have had to modify the curriculum to move away from following a mainstream approach into a more thematic model which encompasses all the curriculum areas in a more creative way.

The pupils have a core offer of English, Maths, ICT, PSHE and PE. These subjects are taught using a variety of approaches to engage learners, for example the Maths curriculum focuses on mastery concrete manipulative learning.

Other curriculum subjects including History, Geography, RE and Science are taught on a thematic rolling programme. The themes are designed to engage learners, allow them to research and develop key skills alongside deepening their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Attainment in academic areas is measured across the key phases in school, from assessing pupils on the Phonics Screening and Key Stage 1 SATs to the Key Stage 2 SATs for pupils who are working at that level. Teacher assessment is used for pupils not working at the end of Year 6 expectations and Spring Brook staff work alongside colleagues from mainstream schools to moderate all completed work. In the last round of scrutiny, our judgements relating to progress and achievement at both Key Stages were validated as accurate.

All progress in both academic subjects and ‘learning for life’ areas is recorded, monitored and assessed using our innovative and bespoke ‘Filemaker’ Management Information System. A new system called the ‘Dashboard’ has been developed within the Trust with the support of our Teaching School and key national researchers and academics. Progress in all academic areas is measured by using ‘expected levels’ and/or the National Progression guidance. To enable secure judgements, the academic strand of the Dashboard is written using the P Scales and the National Curriculum end of year expectations. These have then been broken down into ‘I can’ statements (small steps) in order to truly reflect the progress that our young people make.

Details of our Secondary curriculum can be found on our Upper School website here.