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IMG_7499 You may have heard of the ‘Great British Bake Off’ but we can promise you it doesn’t come close to the ‘Incredible IB Pancake Flip Off’ for drama and rivalry!

Our IB classes split into 3 teams and then it was over to the students to make their choices and decide which winning combinations they would add to their ingredients..

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We used Nutella, strawberries, bananas, flour, eggs, sugar, syrup and lots of other things!!

IMG_7522 IMG_7514IMG_7526

The tension was mounting and the fierce competition became too much for certain members of staff – we’re very sorry to say that we saw a different side to Mr Jackson and Miss Brierley, who tried very hard to sabotage the other groups!!! Shocking behaviour to witness, especially after Mr Jackson had lulled us into a false sense of security with his rather fetching mob cap..

Even Miss Warner resorted to underhand tactics, hiding the Nutella from everyone as it’s her favourite!


Eventually the serious business of pancake flipping got underway and we managed not to get any stuck on the ceiling! As you can see, some of us were better than others at it..

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Mrs Brierley very kindly volunteered to judge our finished pancakes so we quickly blindfolded her before she could change her mind and the tasting began..


She declared Miss Dickinson, Miss Mills, Sam, Lawrence and Harrison the IB flipping winners!!!!


Miss Warner and Miss Carter came a respectable second with Hannah and Leah, but Mr Jackson and Miss Brierley would have been better not even turning up with their group!!

We hope you had as much fun making your pancakes as we did  🙂



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