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I started writing this week’s blog in the midst of the severe weather conditions we experienced across Oldham on Friday. Unfortunately, along with many other students across the borough, I couldn’t attend school because of the heavy snowfall. Although I spent the day relaxing and ‘binge-watching’ the new series of House of Cards on Netflix, Luke and the Digit4ll students spent their day taking impressive photographs of the students who were able to attend school enjoying and playing in the snow – if you haven’t seen the video they made, please watch it here. Well done to Luke, as well as everyone who made it into school; it was an extremely tricky situation.

Due to that ‘little’ snow day last week, the majority of us only spent four days inside the building. The main event was indeed Wednesday’s whole school coffee morning and it was great to see such a good turnout. However, for the Year 9 and Year 11 students including myself, it was also the start of some major decisions that have to be made by both year groups regarding the future. These decisions couldn’t be made without the incredible support of the staff we have around us. They know what is best for us as people.

It is fantastic to hear that so many of us are undertaking our Duke of Edinburgh’s qualifications this year. These Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards are based around four key components: volunteering around school, learning a new skill, a physical section and lastly, planning and undertaking an outdoor expedition. These are skills that will get us far in working life. This qualification is highly valued within the working world and will allow many of us to take the next step and go into paid employment in the future.

This coming week is set to be an extremely busy one (as usual!). We have the next round in Activ8’s continued participation in Manchester City’s ‘One City’ League. We also received letters regarding an After School Club which is going to be run by Manchester City. This is great news and shows that our excellent relationship with the club is getting stronger. I would like to thank them for the excellent opportunities they have provided for us so far.

After just thanking Manchester City for their disabled sport offering, their 3-0 defeat to Liverpool came as unwelcome news – maybe I shouldn’t have been quite as quick to gloat about Mr Barker’s misfortune the last time they played….

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