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Well, our IB classes have been having fun again – as only they can! They nearly got away with keeping their Sport Relief antics quiet but we don’t think it’s too late to share this with you…


A rather competitive Miss Warner decided the perfect way to get involved in Sport Relief would be to organise a game of ‘Hungry (Human) Hippos’ for the staff and pupils within our IB. You’ll be very surprised, of course, to hear that all the staff thought that was a brilliant idea and were up for the challenge.

The 4 teams squared up to each other – we had Miss Brierley, Mrs Fletcher, Logan and Lawrence in the red corner..


..with Mrs Mills, Mrs Dickinson, Leah and Kasmala over in the blue corner..

The yellow team was Izzy, Mrs Thompson, Kiran and Charlea..

.. and Miss Warner, Mr Jackson, Hannah and Harrison proved a very formidable green team..


They got started with a ‘friendly’ staff v. staff warm-up..


It was game on!!!!!



Then the full teams swung into action..


IMG_28641 IMG_28651

The competition was fierce but in the end Miss Brierley and Mrs Fletcher’s blue team were the winners!!!!

IMG_2851 IMG_2856

In PE (because that wasn’t in the least bit energetic!) it was then time to walk a mile with Mr Lawrence and the rest of Year 9. Miss Brierley and Saniya were in charge of the juke box and cheered everyone on as they passed – not that Charlea and Mr Lawrence needed any encouragement, they flew round..


Miss Warner and Sam jogged a few laps then decided to walk the rest..


..while Mrs Dickenson showed off with some great Zumba moves..


Mrs Mills and Mrs Fletcher gave 100% with their Sport Relief ‘partners’ and everyone was absolutely fantastic!!!


A wonderful team effort all round – and lots of fun!!!  🙂

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Just wait and see what we get up to next…….



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