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This week has been busier! While you may have seen the enjoyment shared by our Duke of Edinburgh Gold boys here and across various types of social media, I’d like to share the lovely peace and quiet that the rest of Activ8 enjoyed over the two days they were away.

I described the fun we had on Tuesday, our first day without the Gold group, in my last blog but the events of Wednesday proved to be just as enthralling when our cooking lesson turned into more of a ‘Great Activ8 Cook Off’! I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t crowned champion though, as it became very clear that my culinary skills are about as sharp as a blunt knife.

One thing I am certainly sharper at is a Driving Theory Test, thanks to Mr Greenway. Although it was a fail (I think I got 33), considering I had never seen the test before I think it was a good start. We then had a little bit of light fun, possibly getting slightly carried away as one of our rugby balls received some extra decoration. I’d rather not go into too much detail here but when Mr Quinn finally decides to create an Activ8 Museum, that ball will be one of the prize exhibits –  more than worth the admission fee!

Staying on the subject of rugby, Activ8 enjoyed a hard training session on Friday, although I enjoyed the analysis after the session even more. The rough and tumble of full-contact rugby is great but, for me, the analysis afterwards is when you learn more about the game. I suppose it is the same as life – you arrive in school or work and while there are some days when everything goes well, there are other days where I behave like a complete numpty. However, you can only learn from your mistakes when you know that you did wrong.

I am looking forward to the week away in Wales on the Year 11 residential in just under a month’s time. The prospect of being around my friends on holiday is exciting and the activities around the park are sure to be phenomenal. I have heard there is a golf course adjacent to the park where I will be sure to show everyone my inner Rory Mcilroy (I advise you to stand well clear). I have played golf before, although the first time I did, I remember getting hit by a stray ball from my father. Oh my, did it hurt!!

On Sunday (unless things change), I am due to be attending the Halifax Championship game that we received tickets for during our visit to the club over Easter. I will have to put my inner ‘Claret and Gold’ to one side (for one day only) as I cheer for the Fax to put out a good performance. I would also like to wish good luck to the Oldham Roughyeds ahead of their Challenge Cup Last 16 tie with the Warrington Wolves. This is a repeat of the game that was played thirty years ago at this stage of the competition when Oldham beat Warrington 13-6 at the old Watersheddings ground. Let’s hope that the same happens again and Oldham can finally be proud of a local sports team… Hopefully Manchester City can give us a good result tonight too!

Next week is a four day week thanks to the Bank Holiday!!! So my blog will be out on the Tuesday – which is starting to look like a good day for a weekly blog….

Have a good week,



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