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Believe it or not, Project Jam Sandwich is a sonic rather than a culinary delight! We have been lucky enough to have had this award winning world music group working with us over the last few months and our students have absolutely loved every minute!!



The group started off by treating New Bridge and Hollinwood Academy to fantastic concerts in the theatre where they wowed the students and staff with their energetic blend of folk music. The ensemble, who hail from as far afield as South Africa to as close to home as Bury, took us on an incredible journey featuring music from all over the world..


IMG_20160223_101258 IMG_20160223_101838

Our lucky young people were also given the opportunity to engage in the musical performances with a variety of activities from controlling the ensemble..


..to conducting..


.. to drum battles of epic proportions, as Delia took on some of our best up and coming drummers..


IMG_20160223_102534 PJS1


The concerts ended in some brilliant jam sessions, with all the students who attended the concerts picking up some percussion instruments and performing with Project Jam Sandwich..

3 4 5 6

In the weeks since, we have been very fortunate to have Delia and Katie return to give our students workshops in music performance and composition. The past few Tuesdays have seen them coming into Miss Warner’s class for music therapy sessions..

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”61″ gal_title=”PJS IB”]


As you can see, they have all thoroughly enjoyed their chance to make music..




SAM_7516 SAM_7951SAM_7942 SAM_7707

SAM_7981 SAM_7963 SAM_7693

SAM_7706 SAM_7690

SAM_7692 SAM_7689 SAM_7962SAM_7966

These sessions have been absolutely amazing!!!

We would like to thank Mr Bloska for organising this project and we really hope this is not the last we’re going to see of the fabulous Project Jam Sandwich – we would all love to see you again!!!

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