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Mr Fieldhouse brings us exciting news of Sunday’s Grading……


This Sunday saw the Ippon Karate Academy December Grading. Seven of our pupils who train as part of the club at New Bridge School on Monday and Thursday evenings attended the grading. The karate grading was very busy with over 50 adults and children grading that morning.

After an hour long course of basic karate to warm up the muscles the grading began. Ippon Karate Academy has a total inclusion policy so the pupils from New Bridge School were grading alongside other members from the rest of the club.

First to grade were the white belts Kelsey..




and Jamie..


These three pupils demonstrated some very good “Kihon” consisting of blocks, kicks, punches and stances.

Next to grade was Ciara..


She demonstrated her Kihon, engaged in three step “Sanbon Kumite” and finished her grading with Kihon Kata.

Finally. it was the turn of Danielle..




and Joseph..


These three karate pupils were all aiming for Red belt (8thKyu) and for this they had to demonstrate solid basics, engage in three step sparring “Sanbon Kumite” and the finish with Kihon Kata followed by the kata Heian Shodan. When they had all completed their grading they returned to sit and watched the higher grade students attempt their gradings.

Once all was finished the Chief instructor Sensei Jason Netherton awarded the new belts. Kelsey, Morgan and Jamie all received their White belt with Orange stripe 10th Kyu for their hard work having just started training karate this term. Ciara received her Orange belt for an excellent kata and solid kihon (basics). Danielle, Jake and Joseph were successful in achieving 8th Kyu Red belt for sound kihon (basics), Sanbon kumite (3 step sparing) and excellent quality kata..


As their instructor I was very proud of them all for the effort they put in both before and during the grading..


The grading which had lasted four hours was now over and the members of the New Bridge part of Ippon Karate Academy retired to McDonalds for a celebratory Happy Meal..


Well done to all those who graded – we are now training towards the next grading on Sunday March 5th 2017!


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