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While their new website is being developed, Spring Brook Academy will be sharing their news here. We’re delighted to bring you the first post from Spring Brook Primary..

One of the things I have been most excited about since joining the New Bridge Group is that we finally have the opportunity to share with you all the wonderful work that our children do at school.

Children join us here at Spring Brook when they have experienced difficulties at their mainstream schools. For lots of different reasons, their needs can no longer be met and everybody agrees that they need to continue their education within the special sector. Children come to us often very anti-school and one of our most important jobs is to make them realise that school can be fun and that they are very able learners…it’s just that they need to learn in a different way.

We have had a very busy and exciting week in school and this week’s blog concentrates on what Mrs Fisher’s Class 1 and Mrs Pulman’s Class 3 have been up to.

Class 3 have been learning about volcanoes in Geography and did this in a way that allowed the children to work co-operatively with one another. As a team, they made a huge model of a volcano with a special chamber that meant they could help it to smoke and erupt. It looked so effective and helped them to think about the damage that a volcano would cause to the environment. Here are some photographs of them in action..

In Science, Class 3 have been learning about electricity and building their own circuits. By doing this practically, they have had to experiment to see which components they needed to use, how many batteries, how many bulbs etc…

Kyle tested to see if tin foil would conduct electricity and was very excited when it did! The boys were amazed to find that humans can conduct electricity too and by joining hands in a circle, they were able to make a toy light up and make a buzzing sound..

They also discovered that water was a conductor and proved this by making a fish light up when they put it in a sink..

The class shared their knowledge in assembly with the rest of the children and I’m certain will be telling you all more in our Good Work Assembly on Friday 10th February.

Friday saw Class 3 transformed to celebrate Chinese New Year with a host of exciting activities..

..finishing with them all preparing, cooking and definitely eating (!) a Chinese meal. Xavier set the table beautifully and hung some lanterns while Levi, Abu, Ethan and Kyle used their Maths knowledge to prepare a feast of Beef Curry, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Fried Rice, Prawn Toast and Spring rolls finished off with a dessert of Bananas in coconut milk which Levi polished off! They shared their facts about the New Year celebrations in assembly and taught everyone how to say “Gung Hay Fat Choy!” which means “May you have good fortune!”

Class 1 have had a busy week too with a great visit to Leeds Armouries as part of their Knights and Castles topic..

Mrs Fisher reported that their behaviour was exemplary and they were able to handle many different artefacts during their time there. Class 1 were able to try shooting with a crossbow..

..as well as looking at a range of weapons through the ages..

This was of particular interest to Harvey who has aspirations to join the Navy as a weapons engineer when he is older..

On Wednesday, Class 1 also took part in a Karate Taster Session at St Edward’s Church Hall. Karate is a sport that helps to improve the children’s concentration and confidence. They absolutely loved it! Harry learnt how to break a piece of wood using his knee and all of the children were taught some self-defence techniques. The Sensei was so impressed by their conduct that he has offered to come into school to deliver a session to all of our pupils. It made me very proud to receive feedback from another school too about the excellent behaviour of our pupils. Well done, Class 1!

Class 1 have spent some time in the Forest School this week with Miss Cubach and have been developing their teamwork, communication and problem solving skills by using the natural materials they could find to build dens. This has allowed them to test the strength of different materials in readiness for their DT challenge of building bridges. As you can see from the photographs, they have really enjoyed this activity and would have stayed out all day if we’d let them!

Finally, six of our pupils took part in a Boccia competition at the Ball Hall this week..

Boccia is similar to bowls but with softer balls and last year our pupils won the final competition. Class 2 competed for us this time around and Mr Mullins reported that they were again commended for their excellent conduct and sportsmanship..

Join us next week for news from our other classes and thanks for reading!

Toni Thomason
Head of School


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