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Last weekend was the Spring Grading at Ippon Karate Academy. There were over one hundred students of karate present at the grading and New Bridge was proudly represented by seven pupils – Connie, Vincent, Morgan, Gemma, Jake, Danielle, Jamie and Joseph.

We had a bright and early start with all the pupils meeting at 8:15am on Saturday morning at school to get us all to the grading and getting prepared by 9am.

After many weeks of training the pupils were ready but nothing can quite prepare you for a karate grading and the nerves were visible on everyone’s faces. As their Sensei I was confident that they would do their best and succeed. The pupils proved me right – they were exceptional!

Vincent and Gemma achieved their White and Orange belt 10th Kyu..

Jamie, Connie and Morgan gained their Orange (white stripe) 9th Kyu belts..

Jake, Danielle and Joseph went from Red to Yellow Belt 7th Kyu..

These were outstanding performances achieved by the hard work that all the pupils have put into practising and learning one of the hardest to master martial arts.

I would like to give special thanks to Sensei Penny Wilkinson and Sensei Dave Wilkinson who took over training recently during my recovery after I had an operation. Their expert guidance and attention to detail made a measurable contribution to the grading outcome.

After a long day at the grading the last of the pupils were collected by parents on our return to New Bridge School at 3pm.

The hard work and success of the pupils from New Bridge is testament to the potential of the young people that I have the great pleasure of working with.

Stuart Fieldhouse


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