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It’s been another good week at New Bridge once again as always. I am not going to start with football as I had to have a rant about Pep Guardiola’s tactics last week. He must have read my previous blog and taken note after that 5-0 win but, like I said, that’s the end of that!

On Tuesday our GCSE PE group sat some mock exam papers because it isn’t long till the big exam – only two weeks away now, I’m doing late night revision and making sure it sinks in.

In Wednesday’s DofE we went back to basics learning how to put up a tent which really after ten years of being a Scout is easy as pie, I could put it up in seconds! Then in the afternoon we had our usual rugby session, preparing for the big testimonial at the end of the year. I’m 100% ready for the challenge, I will just let Matty keep dreaming that he’s going to defeat me!

Away from Activ8 to our other pathways. DIGIT4LL had a visit to the National Media Museum and had a great day there..

Lumenus have been preparing for the Aladdin production which I was meant to be part of but had to take exams into account. Good luck to those taking part, I can’t wait to watch it!

On Friday Mr Greenway attended a conference at OCL (Oldham Leisure Centre) to promote the Andy’s Man Club that started this week in Oldham at OCL on Mondays at 7pm..

This week in the headlines we’ve heard about footballer Aaron Lennon who’s been struggling with mental health and has been taken into hospital for support; to know how that person is feeling from having the same experience as him it is tough. Spending time away from your friends and family is not easy, it’s time to end this stigma of people not talking about how they’re feeling so everybody spread the word #ITSOKAYTOTALK! There is somebody out there who will listen and will be willing to help, you’re never alone, there are places like Mind and Andy’s Man Club where you can go and get support to help you through depression. I’ve been going through depression for two years. Like I said in the previous blog, I’ve had down times in my life but I never gave up, I kept fighting until I got to the top. I spoke to the people I needed the most and they were there to help and I can’t thank them enough. Also this week is Mental Health Awareness Week so spread the word and keep supporting those around you because I’d stay up all night to talk someone out of suicide and ensure they got the help they need.

That’s it for this week, I’m going to leave you with a video from Stormzy in which he spoke out like I and many others did..

Have a fantastic week!



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