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We’ve had an incredibly busy few weeks here at Spring Brook primary. The New Bridge ICT team have been changing everything over so that we are now on their server. We have also got everybody up and running on our new phone system which means the old number is no longer in use. If you need to call school, you can do so on 0161 883 2431 and Mrs Bailey and Miss O’Reilly will be happy to help.

Before I share with you some of the fantastic work your children have been doing, I need to make you all aware of a change to the Snapchat app that many of you and your children may have on mobile phones. In the latest updates, the location facility allows your ‘friends’ to zoom in on a map and see exactly where you are at any time. This means you are constantly sharing your location with your Snapchat friends, as long as you have the app open or are actively using it, allowing them to track your movements. Now, whilst as a parent that could be handy in terms of knowing where your children are, it is extremely worrying that anybody who follows your child, even those people not known to them, could find out instantly where they are. This makes them incredibly vulnerable to being contacted by strangers. For this reason, the advice being given is to change your settings to ‘ghost mode’ and the link here will show you how to do that.

Class 5 have been working very hard with Mrs Young. In Literacy they have been learning about expanded noun phrases and how they can make their writing more detailed and interesting to the reader. They have worked in pairs to come up with some really exciting ones!

Money has been the focus of their Maths lessons and they have moved on from recognising the coins and notes to working out change..

Role playing a shop keeper/customer has helped them with this and also a visit to a real shop!

They have also been looking at measuring length and height..

..and as well as a number of objects, they have also measured their own feet and hands..

Rudolf couldn’t believe how big Mrs Young’s feet were in comparison to his!

In keeping with all the rain we have had recently, the children have been learning about Noah’s Ark in RE..

In Science the new topic is Life Cycles. This has involved some sorting of living and non-living things and identifying their features..

..and then a nature walk to find some earth worms. I’m glad they didn’t ask me to help out with that lesson!

Mr Mullins in Class 2 has sent me some photos of the class trip to Ribchester as part of their topic on the Romans. The class had a great time and were able to walk amongst the ruins..

..try on armour and re-enact battle using formations the Romans would have done..

They impressed the expert there with their level of prior knowledge and were able to share with him all the things that they had learnt in class already.

Class 6 has welcomed a new member of staff who some of you may already know – Mrs Makin has re-joined the school and we are delighted to have her back. Our younger pupils have made her feel very welcome and they have all been busy continuing their topic of Under the Sea. This has involved making shells and flags out of playdough (which helps to develop muscle strength in their fingers ready for writing)..

..some lovely handprint crab paintings and lighthouses..

..writing about seagulls using describing words and reading a book about Mr Grinling called the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch..

In PE they have all had a turn on some rollerblades in the gym and you can see Kaiden getting very good at balancing on them..

Friday was a very exciting day as it was Luke’s 6th birthday. All of his class made him some birthday cards and Miss Fell bought him a birthday cake – you can see he was a little overwhelmed at first but really enjoyed tucking in and taking a piece home for his twin sister..

Class 1 and Mrs Fisher have had a different week as they’ve been apart – Mrs Fisher stayed in school with the children from Class 3 and Mrs Pulman accompanied the Class 1 children to Wales for our residential trip. In school, Mrs Fisher’s children have been making Roman roads in History and DT saw them cooking up some delicious burgers..

..measuring mass by making biscuits in Maths..

..and learning about shape poems in English. Here you can see some of the finished spiral poems that the children did and presented to each other in class..

Meanwhile, our Year 6 children were sunning themselves in North Wales and wow, what a cracking week they had! The sun was shining and they had a ball. There are lots of photographs on our Facebook page here showing their adventures and we will make sure that families all get a copy too.

Well, that’s all for this week. Only three weeks left now until the end of the school year and still so much to do!

Have a good weekend everybody,

Toni Thomason
Head of School

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