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We’re nearly there! As we are going into the holidays I think everyone is ready for a few days off, including the children! The pace of learning at Heron Street never stops though, and it’s been another jam packed week.

Kicking us off is this wonderful photo of Kaiden looking super proud of his writing..

This story was based on one the class read and they had to change one detail – and instead of buying food, he decided his character would shop for a Lamborghini, like you do! Well done, Kaiden.

It’s not just Kaiden who has been working hard – in Class 3, Mrs Pulman has been delighted with their attitude to learning this week. They’ve had a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry..

..represented our school in an LA Boccia competition (it’s like indoor crown green bowling?)..

..and have been learning about Electricity in Science..

There were lots of “Wow!”s and “it’s magic!” when they made a wand light up just by joining hands to create a human circuit..

Emily also found a new class pet – a light up fish she has named Bob!

Mrs Makin’s Class 4 have had another productive week. They have been learning to count in 2s..

..and continuing to work hard on their phonics, playing a sound skills game to reinforce this learning..

They also had a fab Friday afternoon giving Paul Hollywood a run for his money by making the most delicious Gingerbread Men. They all went home with a bagful for their families to tuck into so we hope you enjoyed them..

Class 6 have impressed Mrs Elliott this week too. They, like all of our classes, have loved working with Mr Cooper again in Music..

They have also been learning about circuits in Science..

..and have continued to find out about how Diwali is celebrated..

Class 1 are also finding out Diwali and have made some really pretty, colourful lamps and lanterns that would be used during the Festival of Light..

They have also been working hard on their social skills..

They also had an exciting Friday as it was Xavier’s 10th birthday! He stayed behind with Mrs Fisher on Thursday night to make some cakes and they had a little party (with dancing!) on the Friday.

Class 2 have had a very different week – they started by welcoming a new pupil, Jacob, who is quickly finding his feet and becoming part of the Class 2 team. They have furthered their learning about circuits by adding motors and switches and set about designing some Electric Rubbish Bins. Check out this video to see how exciting it is when it works! Mason and Callum are explaining what they are trying to do..

They ended the week by practising their map reading skills on Blackstone Edge. They must have picked the rainiest, coldest and foggiest day to go but still had a ball. Finley told me “he would sleep tonight!” on his return and Kian explained they “tried to run away from the fog but it kept catching them”. Mrs Sanderson welcomed them all back with some hot chocolate and biscuits to help them thaw out while Mr Kenworthy had to wring their socks out in the sink! Our motto here is that “we don’t rust” so we rarely let the weather stop us from doing anything – it’s character building as my Dad used to say and they were all keen to know when they were going again.

See you all soon!

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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