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One of the things that has struck me since joining Dean Street is how talented our young people are in so many different ways.

Mrs Roberts and Miss Roberts’s class have been cooking this week. The group made jam roly poly – from scratch! They have decided to go with a traditional English menu for Bistro and this was the first dessert they decided to attempt to make. Here you can see them showing their cooking skills..


Miss Rodgers and I can confirm that their first attempt was absolutely delicious!

Mr Pidlyskyj has also been looking at our latest venture, wood..

Alex has been a ‘busy bee’ making these beautiful pieces based on the Manchester worker bee..

Alex has been looking at different designs and how we are able to market them – watch this space for details!

Key Stage 4 are also showcasing their talent in Art on the theme of Autumn. We are hoping to exhibit some of the art work throughout the school and eventually at our new building.

We were really fortunate to gain some new outdoor wear from the charity ‘Gift My Gear’ – you can read more about the great work they do on their website here. Mr Allman went to pick it up all on Monday..

..and discovered that the charity also donated some bright yellow hats from BBCo, the outdoor headwear company..

..which Year 10 and 11 have worn this week on their Duke of Edinburgh’s expedition to the Peak District..

Their Duke of Edinburgh’s work is all about map reading at the moment, in particular grid references, and during their morning briefing before going out the pupils had their own maps and learned all about 6 figure grid references – what they mean and how to use them. During their 6 mile walk out on Snake Path in the Peak District the terrain was very barren so the pupils were challenged to identify where they were using grid references…..which they began to get the hang of with practice!

Thank you to the charities that provide us with our kit – particularly the yellow hats!!!

I’m delighted to say that we are back in talks with the Department for Education regarding the next steps for the Springboard Project which means I’m back down London in the next few months.

So, here we go in the run up to the half term break and we are planning lots of things ready for ‘Halloween on Dean Street’!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Tootill
Head of Springboard Project

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