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We thought you might like to see a little of what our Autism Base classes have been learning at the school and Learning Centre over the Spring term..

In Maths AB3 have been working on shape and patterns. They have enjoyed using the whiteboard to complete various tasks involving matching shapes to their names, following patterns using shapes and making their own patterns..

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In Humanities the group have completed a ‘virtual tour’ of Egypt! They used a VR headset to experience desert life..

..and explored the Great Pyramids using YouTube 360! They all really enjoyed this activity..

They also studied St. Patrick’s Day and looked at the many different ways in which people celebrate before making their own shamrock decorations to put up in class and turning the water tray green for the occasion..

The students in EBase 2 have worked really well in all their lessons. They have particularly enjoyed English this term where they have listened to the story ‘The Gruffalo’ and explored a variety of sensory objects..

During cooking the students have made foxes sandwiches, gingerbread mice and potato owls – definitely much tastier than they sound! They have really enjoyed their Maths lessons..

..and they have been working hard on their Living Skills..

In AB1 Adam has been choosing different materials and colours to create a collage of George from ‘George saves the world by lunchtime’, the group’s story focus for this term..

He has been concentrating on making a pattern using buttons on the interactive screen independently..

Adam has accessed new areas and explored new apparatus to play on in Outdoor Education. He can now finish playing with minimal prompts..

During Holiday Club he accessed new parts of the soft play area and engaged with staff to throw a ball through a basketball net..

In food studies Adam mixed ingredients to make bread crumbs with minimal support..

Adam initially required hand over hand support to complete a picture from our class term story, the support was gradually reduced over the course of the lesson..

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Raihan has also been enjoying the class story, ‘George saves the world by lunchtime’, choosing different items of clothing to dress up as a superhero in English lessons..

In Maths he has engaged with a member of staff to create a junk model, linking in with AB1’s focus on recycling this term..

Raihan has accessed new areas in Outdoor Education, with extra support on surfaces that are new to him like wood chippings..

In soft play he has now started to access the padded area for short periods of time..

Raihan is continuing to engage with staff at the table to participate in experiments in Science..

AB2 have really enjoyed their Outdoor Education sessions..

..and their Living Skills lessons..

..not to mention cooking!

EBase 2 thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in our ‘City of Tomorrow’ event which took place across the Trust on the last day of term. the students created some fantastic models..

We hope you have enjoyed sharing some of our work!


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