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If you’d arrived in Class 1 and Class 2 on Wednesday this week, you could be mistaken for thinking you were on the set of DIY SOS! Saws, hammers, nails, wood, sandpaper – you name it, we were using it! Not doing a makeover, however, but making some bird boxes that we are hoping our lovely caretakers will fix to the trees in the school grounds for us. This has been part of our DT topic and the children have studied different designs, planned their own, drawn detailed diagrams, measured the wood and with some assistance from their teacher’s husband (thank you Mr Elliott!) were able to saw the individual pieces. All the wood was then sanded to make sure there were no rough edges that could harm the birds and the next stage is for them to be screwed together. The boys have been super sensible with the tools they have had to use and are rightly pleased with their results..

Class 3 have shared with us their Art and Maths work this week. In Art, they have been studying the work of the artist Henry Rousseau. Together they have worked to produce this lovely replica of one of his pieces – it looks really effective when it’s on display in the classroom. I was particularly impressed with the teamwork that was on show during this lesson. All the pupils took turns, used their manners and were able to share their opinions about where certain items should be placed on the collage..

In Maths Class 3 have been learning about shape. All of our classes, but particularly the Nurture Group ones, reinforce the learning in many different ways. This week has seen them using elastic bands on the GEO boards to make the shape around the pegs, finding shapes around the classroom and school and matching these to shapes in their books too..

Miss Foxcroft’s class have been learning about the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den in RE. To help them re-tell this in the correct order, they first used some face masks and went into role to act it out. This helps them to remember the sequence of events and understand the story more clearly..

In Science they have been finding about flowers and how/if they grow in different conditions. They have planted seeds, thought about what they will need to prosper, made some observational drawings of them and also produced some really pretty Flowercraft Art Work..

Class 6 continues to resemble a farm …only joking Mrs Pulman! As well as the chicks, the boys have been on tenterhooks again all week awaiting the arrival of our butterflies. They have researched to find the name of the butterfly when it’s in its different stages of growth and four healthy butterflies were released into our Forest School area on Friday. Next week….a wormery!

We ended the week on a high with our Super Learning Day where our focus was RE and looking at what commitment means to different people. The way this was taught varied across school but obviously a key theme running through it was the Royal Wedding that’s taking place on the 19th May. Lucy is very excited about the wedding, she couldn’t wait to show her picture of Prince Harry and Meghan..

To celebrate this national event, our catering staff made the children at both Lyndhurst and Spring Brook a picnic style lunch. We decided that this would be developed into a School Street Party and we transformed our central corridor with bunting, ribbons, posters and flags. The staff have been amazing and got lots of extra little goodies for your children to enjoy and we all sat down to lunch together. It was really lovely – we had music playing and even a special rendition by Abu of “It’s not unusual” by Tom Jones – complete with dance moves!!


I’ll leave you with that thought and wish you all a wonderful weekend – whether it’s watching the wedding, the Cup Final, or just avoiding them both, have a good one.

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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