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We’ve had a fun-filled final day of Holiday Club! AB started the day off with some enjoying scooters in the yard while the others had a relaxing swim. There was time for a bit of summery sculpture work..

before it was either off to the park..

..or over to Soft Play where Kauser did his best Miley Cyrus ‘Wrecking Ball’ impression..

..while Thahmim preferred to pose in the mirror sorting his hair out than run around..

In the ICT room Callum and Tyler getting their game faces on ready for Fifa..

We’re not sure what Cordelia is trying to watch on YouTube here, maybe the best dance moves for the disco later on?

The weekend is just around the corner, Bobby-Joe!

Watch out Lewis Hamilton, Anthony is coming through, fast!

Seb showing us the true meaning of chill during lying out. Can we swap?

Action shot of Amanda trying to unscrew the paint. “But I loosened it, I promise!”

Sophie painting a fish in glass painting after break. Looks like it must be a yellow finned tuna..

What’s so funny, Joseph?

Buckle my shoe, 32 – that’s Chris and Covy looking close to a line..

Chris is dabbing yet again, could he be the first to get BINGOOOO!

Hannah, you are absolutely covered in crackle foam young lady! We hope you helped tidy up..

That’s how it should be done Sarah-Jane, nice and tidy..

Kausar making a splash in swimming – don’t worry Kausar, we won’t tell Mrs Bingley you got her camera wet..

Tyler the surfin’ bird..

Tara getting warmed up for the disco after lunch – Mr Cawley definitely can’t keep up..


You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life…..Sean the Dancing King..

DJ Chris spinning all of the latest tunes for us this afternoon. Let’s just hope he doesn’t spill his water on the sound desk when he busts out a move or two..

Who invited Paul Pogba to the disco? Oh wait, it’s Corey..

Junaid and Mrs Allen owning the dancefloor, you’ll need some serious moves to beat these two in a dance off… step up Tara and Sean!

We’ve had a wonderful time at Holiday Club this week – enjoy your weekend and we’ll see everyone back for the new half term on Monday!



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