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Well, it’s been a scorching week in Oldham and a busy week at Medtia Square. I’d like to start by telling you that another of our superstar students has got a job! Abu started his new role at Tuffnells as a warehouse operative on Tuesday and he loves it! Tuffnells are a big distribution company in Oldham and Abu’s duties include loading and unloading parcels and letters from the trucks that travel around the country.

We also found out this week that Liam, who got a job earlier in the year at the Royal Oldham Hospital as a porter, has been offered a full time permanent contract. Liam has been working for a number of months as a member of bank staff, working 16 hours per week, but after writing a letter to his boss, he has been made permanent and his hours have been extended! Well done, Liam, you have certainly proved your worth!

Friday has seen the first of two themed events at The Atrium Café that have been organised by our pre-internship students. Today was an armed forces celebration with a 1940s theme! Our café staff looked fabulous in their tabards and head scarves, music from the 40s was playing and the menu was also themed with the corned beef hash and spam butties going down a storm!

Well done to all of those involved! Next week our students will host an American themed event to celebrate Independence Day – I can’t wait! Now for news of one of our pre-internship students, Steven..

A Day in the life of Steven
Oldham Lyceum, Music Centre

I started my placement at the Oldham Lyceum on Monday 16th April and I go every Monday and Wednesday afternoon from 12pm til 3pm. I am working with Robert Dunning, the musical technician, helping him to oversee the instruments and assist him in cleaning instruments such as violins, guitars and cellos. I have organised the guitars, checking numbers are in the correct sequence and identifying whether strings on the instruments need replacing..

I arrive at 12pm to start my placement after my morning at New Bridge School supporting the students in class. Robert sets out tasks for me such as unpacking musical equipment and fixing and checking instruments. I have been working on cleaning the trumpets today as they were a bit stiff – some of the pipes needed oiling! I needed some help fixing this one but Robert is very good and showed me how to loosen the right parts..

I then have to write repair slips for the instruments that have been checked and fixed..

There are many instruments to check carefully after every term when the school children return them after they have used the instruments to perform in music classes..

The staff based at the Oldham Lyceum are happy with my work with Robert as I am a very big help – there is always plenty to do! They had this to say about me:

  • Robert Dunning (Musical Technician) – Steven has fitted right in from the first day and needed little support. He knows what he is doing and is a fast worker
  • Amanda (Manager) – Amanda is very happy to have Steven on board and has asked Steven to attend some classes at the Lyceum if wants to… and to also help out with one of the public concerts in July…
  • Shelly (Receptionist) – Shelley is happy to have Steven on board. She described him as a whippet for being a fast worker… she was concerned he was working too fast but she can see he is doing a good job
  • Gerard Booth, Head of the Oldham Music Service – “We have all been delighted with Steven and the way that he has engaged with the tasks that we have offered him since beginning his time at the Music Centre. As far as we are concerned, this has been an excellent programme for all parties.”

I have also been cleaning the flutes as well some of the cornets. Members of the public have borrowed some instruments and they need to be prepped for a concert in which all the pupils from 4 years upwards will take part on Saturday 7th July inside the Oldham Lyceum and in Parliament Square for Music Week. I would like to take part in this event, be a stagehand and help with the equipment. Arrangements are being made for me to help out over the Summer too.

I feel great, fixing instruments is good! I am very happy with this placement and I always look forward to coming. I would like to get more involved in the future. 

Steven has also been supporting Mr Thompson and Mr Bloska in Music lessons at New Bridge School, providing classroom support before completing his placement at The Oldham Lyceum. All the staff are pleased with Steven and find his support valuable and Steven’s confidence has improved as a result. He originally started his placement at The Lyceum to extend his knowledge in music whilst shadowing members of staff but Steven has surpassed this expectation, becoming a part of their team. Well done!!

This week I visited our Bridging the Gap students over at the Royal Oldham Hospital with one of our Trust advisors, Moira. It was so lovely to hear the students reflect on their year and how much they have gained from being on the project. Sufyaan, one of our Bridging the Gap students, has an update for us too..

A day in the life of Sufyaan
Cleaning Services at the Royal Oldham Hospital

On my placement in Cleaning Services I work in the mornings and afternoons. I have to look smart and wear the correct uniform and my ID badge has to be on display so people know who I am. I have had to learn about the importance of infection prevention to be able to work in Cleaning Services to keep myself and others safe. I am not allowed to wear my watch to avoid spreading germs.

When I arrive on my placement I like to say ‘good morning!’ to my work colleagues and sign my timesheet..

The first job of the day is preparing some special orders for some of the ward cleaners ready to take with us on our rounds. Once we have done these, we set off to visit different wards and clinics to collect the dirty mops and cloths. It is important to put clean gloves on before we enter each ward and then remove them when we leave. This is to make sure we don’t spread germs. The collection can take us around 1 hour and 30 minutes..

Once we have been to all the wards and our truck is full with dirty mops and cloths, we return to the laundry where we load the washing machines with the dirty washing. The mops go into one machine and the cloths go into a different one. We have to keep them separate when washing and drying them..

Once the washing machines have finished, we load the mops and cloths into separate dryers. I usually go for my break now and then go back to my class to do more work before lunchtime. 

At 12.55pm I go back on my placement and we get the clean mops and cloths ready for the afternoon and evening cleaners. First we have to choose a ticket which tells us the name of the department, the colour and the amount of mops and cloths we need..

Once the bags have the right amount inside, they are fastened and the ticket attached to the top of the bag so that the cleaners know which bag belongs to them..

We fill the truck with the red bags then set off and deliver them to the Cleaning Services office..

When we arrive we put the bags out in a certain order for the cleaners to collect for the evening shift..

We wait for the morning cleaners to finish their shift and drop off the dirty mops and cloths, then we pile the dirty washing up in the truck and take it back to the laundry to wash. I work in the laundry until 2.30pm then I go back to class to finish my classwork.

I have enjoyed my placement in Cleaning Services. I have learnt lots of different jobs and I have met some nice people around the hospital.

Our Future Finders spent a very rewarding and enjoyable day at a community litter picking event on Wednesday after being invited to help by Tesco. You can find out more about their day and the valuable advice they also picked up here.

On Monday we have our open evening for students and families who will be joining either one of our Key Stage 5 pathways based at Medtia or Future Finders next year. We are looking forward to seeing you there! If you are unable to make it, please feel free call us to make an appointment if you require any further information.

Have a wonderful week in the sunshine!

Director of Employment & Co Head of Site at Medtia Square

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