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It’s Monday, the start of another fun filled week of Holiday Club here at New Bridge School. And we start the week off with an all action Latin Dance lesson with Mrs Allen!

Serish looks as though she’s got the hang of it!


Meanwhile in the ICT room with another pressure filled round of FIFA, the tension is rising. Ahem, lads?

“The tension is RISING?” That’s more like it!

Whereas for Corey and Sean, the chilled out, laid back approach to ICT is more their thing..

..and for Bobby-Joe and Kauser, Holiday Club ICT means one thing – music all the way!

Meanwhile it’s all about who’s got the quickest hands in a frantic game of Hungry Hippos!

..but when it comes to Buckaroo, a steadier handed, easy going approach is required..

A game of Frustration anyone? It seems that Sophie and Miss Butler have settled this game with no frustration whatsoever!

..while Covy prefers the single handed approach when attempting a jigsaw..

Joseph and Hajjrah both enjoy the New Bridge Massage – bookings in advance only please, we have a busy schedule!!

Sam waits patiently for his turn – “which is it to be today sir, hot stone!?”

Once again the pool is proving to be the place to be this Holiday Club if you just like to chill out and stay cool..

..but things are going at a different pace altogether if you are out in the yard playing football..

Was that a near miss, Patrick?

The latest round of FIFA seems to be going at the same pace..

..except that it may be a little cooler in the ICT room! Junaid definitely has the ‘stay cool’ approach mastered..

..although it looks a little too cool for Mr Edwards!

The afternoon winds down with some artistic Loom Band designs..

Over in Soft Play it looks as though Zachariah has certainly enjoyed his day!

Why not join us again tomorrow for more fantastic fun here at New Bridge Holiday Club!


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