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It’s been an extremely busy week at Medtia Square and we have so much to update you on, so I’ll pass you straight over to our staff and students. This week our ‘Day in the life’ feature comes from Lumenus..

A day in the life of Connor
Lumenus Performing Arts Pathway

On Wednesdays we go to Oldham Theatre Workshop and this is a typical Wednesday. I come into school by tram as usual; I enjoy my journey into school as I put my head phones in and listen to my music..

I start my day off doing the Five Tibetan Rites and an aerobics workout. It’s important to do workouts in Lumenus as acting requires a lot of concentration and physical movement. As you can tell, some of the moves are quite tricky..

Lesson 2 we walk over to Oldham Theatre Workshop (OTW) which is really close to Medtia. I walk over to OTW independently. On Wednesday mornings we join with Chrysalis (Adult Theatre Group) and Lumenus Key Stage 4. I look forward to this as I get to see my friends from Chrysalis and Lumenus 4.

We begin our sessions at OTW in Studio 2 where we meet up with Lumenus 4 and plan and practise what to deliver to Chrysalis in the workshop. 

At 11am we go and join Chrysalis in Studio 1 and begin our workshop. We are working on a theme about Heroes and Heroines and our final piece will be filmed and shown at the Christmas Concert. Today I delivered a Super Hero Game, everyone enjoyed it..

In the afternoon we were exploring ideas for the school show; we have been looking at Mamma Mia, Hairspray and The Greatest Showman. Here I am improvising a bar scene playing the part of PT Barnum..

Another successful and productive day over……..

That’s all folks!

Now for an update on our Pre-Internship students from our job coach, Nicola..

It’s been a busy few weeks for our pre interns. Firstly, let me officially welcome Rezaul and Kieran to the pre-internship pathway. Kieran has started his work experience at the RSPCA..

..and Rezaul has started his work placement in the Atrium café..

They have both settled into their new routines, learning their new tasks and working hard in their lessons.

The students have been continuing to learn and develop their job skills in their work placements..

..but they have also been developing their numeracy, literacy and employability skills in the classroom. Over the past few weeks in our employability sessions, the students have been learning about communication and the importance of time management and how they both link in to the students’ working day. Below is an example of a worksheet Jason has completed for his employability qualification using evidence from his work placement..

Here is an example of Kieran using communication in the workplace by writing behaviour observations. He has to do this every time he spends nurture time with the cats..


Here is Josie’s example of her worksheet about time management that she completed in the employability sessions..

In Maths the students have been learning about percentages and collating data and in English they have been developing their comprehension and creative writing skills, looking at ghost stories and scary poems..

Even though the students have worked very hard, they have still had time to share jokes..

Congratulations to Luka who was awarded the ‘Worker of the Week’ for ‘being professional when front of house and setting a good example to others in the workplace.’ Well done, Luka!

On Monday we have our first ever Medtia Student Council meeting and I look forward to reporting back on our discussions in next week’s blog.

Have a great weekend,

Director of Employment & Co Head of Site at Medtia Square

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