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The holidays are here and I can’t believe that we will be into the Summer term when we come back. Let’s hope that we have some Summer weather to go with it!

It seems mad to say this in April, but plans for the end of the school year and even the next academic year are well under way. We are working with local secondary schools to start transition visits for our Year 6 pupils who are moving on. It’s vitally important that we work together to make this as seamless a move as possible. We are already booking in and planning our Year 6 residential trips to Wales and we held our parents’ meeting this week. We have lots of very excited boys here now, as well as the staff if I’m honest! It’s such a good week – exhausting for the adults who support it as they are basically working 24/7, but we really wouldn’t have it any other way as we create fantastic memories.

This morning we held our half termly Good Work Assembly and had to move up to the Training Room because it was so well attended. Thank you all for your support, it really means a lot that you come and join us to celebrate the excellent learning that takes place here. The children shared some really fantastic work with us all, including our visiting Governors. Much of it was focused around the iPads and the way that they have really re-energised the way in which our curriculum is being delivered. Parents were blown away by how much progress the children have made in such a short period of time. We’ve had lots of fun with them, giving the children the opportunity to experiment, whilst learning key skills that will be transferable across the curriculum. In our Vision for how the iPads would be utilised, we all felt it was key that it should facilitate collaborative learning, rather than meaning the children would work in isolation, and I’m pleased to say this is the case. We have never seen so much talk about work, sharing of ideas, coaching and mentoring of peers and genuine excitement about what they can produce. We are so glad that Mr Quinn went to visit Cupertino in California, where the Apple HQ is!

Trophies were awarded as well as medals and certificates. Special mention goes to Kyle and Finley who were both awarded Gold Certificates in recognition of their progress in swimming. Our new pupils, Dawud and Mason, both received Progress Awards from their teachers for the excellent way in which they have settled into their new classrooms. Dawud has not lost a single behaviour point since his second day with us. Peer awards were received in each class and what was really pleasing was that children recognised their peers for things like ‘being a good friend’ and ‘never stopping trying, even when he is finding things difficult’. What lovely qualities those are.

We have posted some images today of some peer mentoring that has been happening during Commando Joe sessions this last week. Class 5 pupils have been supporting Mrs Makin’s class to take part in some team games on the MUGA pitch. Class 4 aren’t the best (yet!) at losing or coming 2nd, so the older pupils have been showing them how qualities like teamwork, resilience and determination can help them work better as a team. They are all really enjoying these sessions and I must say that Class 5 have been excellent mentors – well done boys.

Class 5 have had a little celebration of their own today. Not only did they wish Liam a Happy Birthday for next week, but they also said goodbye and hello to their teaching team. Miss Foxcroft and Miss Wright will be working with our new KS1 class after Easter, so Class 5 have moved across the corridor to Class 6 and will be joined after the break by Mrs Fisher and Miss Sanderson. We had a special lunch to mark the end of an era and Jayden summed up the mood when he said, “I have loved being in this class with these people.”

All the children have been busy making some Easter crafts as you can see from these snaps of Class 4. The Easter Bunny also paid a visit and they all went off home with some chocolatey goodies..

Class 2 have brought the outside into their classroom and look really snug whilst learning about the artefacts that Mr Cruz was sharing with them..

Music lessons are going from strength to strength..

..and after the holidays, rehearsals start in earnest for our children who are taking part in The Greatest Show. I’m so excited to see this … those of you watching may recognise some of the acrobats and strongmen!

Finally, we have all taken part in the City of the Future programme this week. Thanks to everyone who sent in empty boxes and packaging for us to use. The theme was a city in Space so we have had all manner of rockets and spacemen created today. I’ll leave you with some images of the work in progress and finished items..

I’ll leave you with a challenge from Mrs Needham for the Easter holidays – how creative can you be with Maths?

I hope that you all have a wonderful Easter break. I’m off to Maidstone for the football tomorrow, so my first rest will be on Sunday!

Take care everyone and we will see you on Tuesday 23rd April.

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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