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We have had a wonderful week at Heron Street this week, welcoming lots of new children! We have started with 38 primary age pupils, which is double the number we started with 4 years ago! We have also had another six requests for places this week.

Some of our new pupils have been out of school for such a long time, one for over 12 months! Another had not spent more than 2 hours a day in a classroom for over 2 years. It makes me immensely proud then, that all of our pupils spent 3 full days with us – in their new classrooms, making friends, building relationships and leaving at the end of the day eager to share with their families what they had been doing. I asked one at the end of his first day if he had enjoyed it and would he be coming back – he replied laughing, “yes, because I think you’re mad enough to want me!” Well yes young man, we do want you – every single one of you. Every child is entitled to enjoy their education and the team at Spring Brook Primary are passionate about making this happen.

As well as welcoming nine new children, we have also been joined by two Teaching Assistants, Miss Ryder who spent a short time with us last year and Miss Wyman who has loved her first week too.

We have introduced many new aspects to our curriculum this year and look forward to sharing these with you over the coming weeks.

I also popped down to our Upper School on Friday to check in on our Y7s who have all settled in well.

Sadly, two of our boys were missing this week as they both had serious accidents during the last week of the holidays. I went to visit them both in the Manchester Children’s Hospital on Friday evening and despite having had a number of operations and still being quite poorly, they were happy to know that their friends were thinking of them and sent their thanks for the gifts and cards. Get well soon Harry and Theo xx

That’s all from me for now – we will have lots of photos for you next week so that you can see everything we have been up to.

Have a good weekend,

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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