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Autumn is my favourite season of the year and I’m pleased to say that lots of our children have been experiencing the best it has to offer.

Let’s start with our King of the Outdoors – Mr Cruz!! He has been itching to get his class out and about and when the stars aligned (and transport was available!) they ventured off to the beautiful Padley Gorge, a National Trust site in Derbyshire. It looks absolutely stunning and the children had an amazing day building friendships, developing their team work skills, looking at some map work and enjoying some bracing fresh air. It was Ellie and Lewis’s first trip out from Spring Brook and they can’t wait for the next one. It’s certainly on my list of places to go!

Class 1 had also ventured out, not as far afield, but over to Milnrow on a rewards trip decided by the children. They decided that they would like to go to a local skate park so that those children who were really competent could teach those who were less so some skills. Mrs Sanderson and Miss Cubach were really pleased with how they worked together as a team.

You will be aware that we already work with Manchester City every Tuesday? Well for the last few weeks, we have also welcomed Nick, one of their Healthy Lifestyles Coaches, who has been working with as many children as possible to get them talking about and inspired by some healthy foods. He has shown them that this can still taste delicious and be really fun to make themselves. So far, we have had overnight oats, chicken fajitas and more recently some amazing fruit salads – mine have never looked like this! The children made fruit peacocks and lots of other fab designs and couldn’t wait to tuck in. Parents have been telling us that some children have recreated the recipes at home which is just fantastic.

We’ve had lots of cooking going on in school too as part of our Living Skills curriculum. Class 5 have been making and designing their own Gingerbread men, Class 3 have been making pancakes and cupcakes and Class 4 put their pinnies on every Friday afternoon. Baking is a great activity for so many reasons – we use English for reading recipes, Maths for calculating and measuring ingredients, Science to learn about the process, Team Work to decide who is doing what and there are so many speaking and listening skills being developed. The children are growing in independence and skill level – it’s lovely to watch.

Class 3 have been learning about how crystals are formed in Science and have made their own in class. They have then blown some eggs and decorated the shells in their solutions. They look so pretty and they were really pleased with the results. For a lot of heavy handed boys, a gentle touch was definitely needed for this activity – well done to all of you.

I’ve shared some photographs of some of the displays in and around school as I know not all of you can make it here that regularly. Our school is always a bright and welcoming place to be and we are proud to share the work of the children everywhere. Class 5’s topic has been Fairytales and you can see here the work they have been doing on the Gingerbread Man and Snow White. Our youngest pupils are doing so very well – I have a constant stream of visitors coming to show me their good work and it is one of the favourite parts of my role. Having seen this children previously, with no self-belief and not thinking of themselves as ‘learners’, it’s so rewarding to see the progress they are making each day. Classes 3 and 4 have been learning about the seasons and have completed some lovely Autumn artwork and Class 4’s display of their mindfulness colouring is really striking. They couldn’t quite believe that they had done this when they saw it all come together!

Class 2 have become our artists in residence and I’ve got to say that Akaash is producing some fantastic work. Here are a selection of his latest works of art where he has really been thinking about which materials to use. Ellie has also produced this beautiful landscape picture. Lots of class 2 pupils are talking about how they find Art really relaxing and are using it as a way to de-stress – that really is amazing to hear and see.

Mrs Sanderson has again ran our holiday club activities and here are some photos to show you the fun that the children had.

Finally, Class 5 had a wet and windy walk in the park on Friday afternoon – wellies were definitely needed and what fun they had. Mrs Hill said they were fantastic all afternoon.

We’re now supporting the Bone Cancer Research Trust’s Stamp Appeal and collecting used stamps at school (click here for more details about the campaign). Please send in any stamps you receive and we will make sure they are sent on to the charity. Thank you.

Have a great week everyone,

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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