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As we fast approach the half term, life and work at Medtia continues at full speed. The students are settled and engaged in the work they are doing and are working hard to ensure that they are equipped to sit the qualifications that are coming up soon for many of them.

The Activ8 students continue to build on their Sports Leaders course, the Lumenus students have a couple of show pieces they are working on and, of course, the MAT show. Our Digit4ll students continue to grow their business and have created some wonderful wooden frames just in time for Valentine’s Day, as Mr Handrick explains..

A Day in the Life of Paddy
Digit4ll Key Stage 5 Pathway

Although the Christmas trees have all been pulled down for another year, here at Digit4ll Towers we move on to the next special day in the calendar year. In a few weeks it will be time for you to tell your partners or even maybe tell that special someone that you have a soft spot for them. Our students have been very busy coming up with ideas of things to sell for Valentine’s Day..

Paddy started the day by going to the bank to check on the ongoing health of the NB Enterprise accounts.

We are currently making a promo video for the Karten Network who have been so good to us over the years. Paddy was part of the team out on location filming all the great places that the Karten Network support.

Back at school Paddy sets to work helping to make our products for Valentine’s Day..

Digit4ll are in full flow as always making products for events, printing canvases as well as tons of other good projects that the students are working on.

Remember, if you are wanting some personalised printing, filming or wanting to purchase some of our main products this year, ‘Keyminds’ key rings and ‘Cozy Cuddlers’ heat pads, please get in touch!

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as check out our website www.nbenterprise.co.uk

Our job coach Nicola now has the latest work experience news of another Digit4ll student from the Atrium café for us..

Last week was Danielle’s turn to try some work experience and she was really excited when she found out she was going to be working in the café.

The first thing she did was to say hello to Sharon, Sammy and Toni and before Danielle had time to look around the building, she was helping to serve customers by using the iPad to input orders and take payments. I was very impressed with how accurate she was when giving the customers their change. One of the customers commented on how lovely and well spoken Danielle was when she was asking for payment.

Next it was time for Danielle to learn the layout of the building and the fire assembly points.

The next job Danielle learnt was how to make a latte using the barista machine and I was really impressed with how quickly and confident Danielle was when following the instructions.She measured out the coffee and placed it in the machine, set the cup up ready, measured the milk out, steamed the milk and added the sugar. Amazing Danielle!

After this Danielle learnt how to check and wrap the cutlery – again she picked up this job straight away and was very quick to complete the task.

For the last job of the afternoon, Danielle carefully wiped all the tables. When Danielle was leaving, she said she had really enjoyed the Atrium and that she felt good learning the new jobs.

I would like to finish this week with some wonderful news from our job coach Hayley about one of our Bridging the Gap students at The Royal Oldham Hospital..

Nathan is working on his second placement in The Cafe Royal and has fitted in with the staff team really well, learning lots of new skills and building his confidence on a daily basis. We had a lovely surprise yesterday when Amanda received this fantastic feedback about Nathan and the way he is working within the cafe. We are so proud of him, we just had to share it!!!!!

“Hi Amanda,
I have been asked to relay some feed back to you in writing that I gave to the restaurant supervisor at the Royal Oldham Hospital regarding Nathan, who is placed there at present.
He served me my breakfast last Friday at the hot counter and I have to say if I didn’t know any different I would have thought he worked there permanently. He was polite, friendly and very confident with serving the food. He asked me all the pertinent question, was I eating in or out etc. I have seen him working a few times since then and he has in general an lovely manner.
Kind regards,
Lisa Flanagan
Senior Infection Prevention & Control Nurse”

WELL DONE NATHAN!!! Keep it up.

It will come as no surprise that Nathan has been awarded this week’s ‘Worker of the Week’ in recognition of all his hard work – well done, Nathan!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

Head of Key Stage 5 Pathways

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