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I’d like to begin by referring to last week’s blog where I wrote about the Activ8 students leading sessions with our Learning Centre students.

Here is a report from the guys themselves:

During P.E we did some goalball games like, fast hands and fast feet, over and under putting the ball over your head and under yours legs, circle ball but people may know this as monkey football where you are in a circle with your legs apart trying to roll the ball through other people’s legs. The students enjoyed themselves when the ball rolled though other people’s legs they have to five star jumps then we sat down in a circle rolling the ball to each other and saying the names who they was rolling to. After break we did some hockey drills like dribbling, passing and shooting at the keeper after that we did some basketball drills like dribbling with one hand and students was able to take turns then we went onto passing using Chest Pass. All of us was in a circle Jojo was in the middle passing the ball to every one and the students pass the basketball using chest pass back to Jojo. The students did very well and listened to every thing that we said.

“Today went really well I loved it. The students was fantastic. I hope I lead them again.” ~ Brandon

“It went well with team work and I think the students deserve a big mention.” ~ Jojo

It would appear that a number of Medtia students were also key in supporting others and helping staff whilst away on the Calvert residential. This started right at the off in helping staff to carry the luggage onto the coach..

I’m unsure quite how many nights people had packed for!!

I just had to share this lovely picture of Suleman ready for the off..

Staying with Calvert, everyone got back safely and all reports thus far have been hugely positive. The students, although looking rather tired, were excited to tell me everything that they had been doing:

“We had the best time!”
“I did everything, even the zip wire!!”
“I loved it all!”

I look forward to sharing all the Calvert news, pictures and student comments in next week’s blog.

I would like to say a massive thank you to our amazing staff team for all their hard work and dedication. It is only because of their commitment to our students and willingness to give of their own time that the Calvert residential is possible and is the success it is.

Thanks also to the staff team who stayed behind at the Learning Centre covering lessons, supporting groups and each other to ensure the curriculum continued wherever possible.

Once again, well done and thank you Team Learning Centre!

This week saw the final visit from Live Music Now!  and they held a special session including students from the Dance and Drama options, the Leisure Art options and students from the E-Base..

It’s always a real delight to see our students fully engaged in music, especially with outside visitors and professionals.

I am aware that the current situation with the COVID-19 virus is very worrying for parents and carers. I would like to reassure you that we are monitoring developments closely and we continue to follow the latest official guidance to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep our young people safe. Please see the update on our website here for more details and advice – we will be keeping this page updated daily from Monday (at 2.30pm) and we will inform you of any developments.

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