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This week has flown by as I spent Thursday down in London – more about that later on – but it hasn’t stopped the children at Spring Brook Lower cramming in tons of exciting activities!

The children have been busily collecting sponsorship for an event organised by Sports for Schools. We were thrilled to be joined by Paralympian Craig McCann and his colleague Tony Bird on Wednesday afternoon to be put through our collective paces in the gym! Each class had to keep pace with Craig to complete a series of exercises and let me tell you, he made them work for it! I have never seen so many rosy cheeks, and that was just the staff! Mrs Makin said she could barely walk on Friday 🙂

We also have a few photos from our recent holiday club here…they were busy baking, swimming, scootering (is that a word?) and we had a lovely session where Bailey was teaching some of the younger children some rugby skills. Thanks Bailey!

Onto Class 4 – Mrs Lawrence has shared some photos of their class taking part in some excellent team work activities. They have been learning about the Tudors and decided to create a huge model of a Tudor building. This required lots of communication, planning, taking turns and working as a team. It looks great and is now proudly on display on the corridor. They’ve also been having some regular table tennis tournaments at breaktimes and are improving their skills daily. They have also been reading Captain Underpants and then creating their own stories using cartoon strips – Liam and Calvin were so proud of their efforts and rightly so – well done boys.

Class 3 have also been making Tudor houses, don’t they look fantastic?

They also had a visit to Little Moreton Hall and you can tell that they paid attention to the details they saw.

They have continued to build their skills on the iPads, this time with both our new computing/coding equipment, Spheros..

[fvplayer id=”5″]

..and by using Lego models they had built to produce some ‘stop/start motion videos’..

[fvplayer id=”6″]

It’s brilliant to see them so engaged. Maths lessons as you can see have been all things fractions! I think the incentive of being able to eat the pizza at the end certainly helped – my favourite bit was when Mrs Pulman asks what do we get if we cut the pizza into 16 pieces and one child replied “not much to eat” – well, they weren’t wrong were they?!

In living skills, they have been using the eggs from Mrs Pulman’s chickens to make some delicious breakfasts – I think they need to start taking orders soon.

A lot of their learning has been based around a Science topic of how things grow. You’d be mistaken for thinking it was a garden centre at times. They have been concentrating on what plants need to grow and then doing some experiments to test the conditions in which they grow best. They’ve also used a variety of containers, including home made greenhouses, egg shells, traditional compost and even bananas!

Class 2’s history/DT based topic has been based on the amazing bridges that are in use around the world. They’ve surveyed people in maths, they have analysed the different designs, tested the strength of different shapes and designs and then had a go at making their own. They made prototypes from paper and card at first then once they were happy with their design, they’ve had a go using art straws. I’ve got to say how impressed I’ve been with how patient and careful they’ve been in the final build, they are going to look amazing when they are completed!

As ever, no update from Class 2 would be complete if it didn’t include some amazing views and fresh air. This time, a trip to Blackstone Edge and what must be the best (free) picnic spot around.

Class 1 have been incorporating lots of team work activities into their curriculum too. Here you can see challenges that they have designed for each other in the community room. They really enjoyed their time and worked so well together. Mrs Fisher has linked us all up with a new reading app called Epic. The children are really enjoying this and the great thing is that they can access it from home on their own devices, all for free! Our staff can track who is using it and when and it’s been lovely to see pupils logging on at home and during their break times as they want to finish a book. It’s purely about reading for pleasure, there are thousands of books on there covering every interest you can think of, so if you’d like to have a look, mention it to your child’s teacher and we will get the details to you.

Finally, we move onto Class 5 who continue to grown in confidence, resilience and ability daily. They’ve had a trip to Cockfield’s Farm (we didn’t leave Joseph in prison, phew!) where they met lots of furry friends. They fed the goats, petted the hamsters and had a great time playing in the park.

They have also been learning about how things grow and were very excited on Friday when they “could see some green” in their cotton wool balls. They’ve also been finding out what the seeds need to grow into plants, what the different plant parts are called and have made the best of the warm weather by playing outside.

They were also very excited to receive an invitation for both them and their favourite teddy to come along to a Teddy Bear’s Picnic – can you tell?? Their teddies were waiting excitedly for them and they had a lovely afternoon.

We’ve continued to have a high amount of interest shown from families wanting their children to come to Spring Brook and I’ve shown more of them around this week. We are now also receiving requests for places in September for those classes that are currently full which is a first for us. We could be opening full at the rate the applications are coming in!

My visit to London was really interesting. It was a Policy Foresight conference looking at the future of CAMHS, attended by a range of schools, CAMHS practitioners, NHS staff, Care Commissioning Groups and researchers from a number of universities. We listened to visitors from both Cornwall and Liverpool who shared how their regions had improved the mental health offer by working in a truly collaborative way with other stakeholders such as schools, GPs, charities and different branches of the NHS. Food for thought definitely!

I’d like to end by thanking one of our pupils, Tyler, from KS1, who accompanied Miss Wright and myself to my meeting with the central executive team. I have the opportunity here to showcase an element of our practice of which we are proud and had chosen to talk about the changes we have made to our KS1 provision. Tyler agreed to come and speak to everyone, but I think we were both shocked by how many people attended – it was daunting to say the least! However, it’s fair to say that Tyler stole the show – he spoke confidently and excitedly about his classroom, his learning and his friends and was very kind about his teachers too. Thank you Tyler 🙂

That’s all for this week. We will be sending out some information on Monday about the actions that school are taking in relation to the Corona virus – our plans are to remain open and we will be publishing daily updates on our school website too. Stay safe everybody.

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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