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Well, I never expected my Easter Blog to be one that was in the middle of a pandemic and a climate of remote learning!

The most important thing for me to say is a huge THANK YOU to all of our staff and families for being overwhelmingly supportive of school during this difficult time. We are all learning new ways of working and supporting you from a distance and the advice we have received has changed almost daily. Everyone has taken it their stride, rolled up their sleeves and just got on with it, so massive thanks to you all. After the initial euphoria about being off school (!) I think most of our children are now settling into a great routine and accessing both learning and fun activities via their iPads.

It’s great being able to be in touch from a distance and it’s been wonderful to see so many parents actively engaging in the learning too. As well as the many learning apps that the children are familiar with using each day, we’ve also been including some fun challenges and I’m pleased to be able to share some of the results with you here….

Haidan in Class 3 has been actively learning since day 1…in fact, we had to tell him to have a rest and explained that he can learn through lots of play opportunities too. So look what he did! Haidan is Harry Potter mad so he built a set out of Lego and recreated a scene from the movie using stop/start motion on the iMovie. He was finding some elements tricky but rather than give up, he messaged his teachers and we arranged for Miss Shortall to call and talk him through the final stages. Hey Presto!! Here is the finished result – well done Haidan!!

[fvplayer id=”9″]

You might recall that Class 3 had also been doing lots of planting when last in school. Harry and his mum kindly offered to take them all home (& there was lots!) and he has sent in these snaps to let us see how they are getting along. The animal one has had to have a haircut he said! Thank you Harry for keeping those green fingers busy 🙂

In accordance with the national advice, we are keeping the numbers of children in school to an absolute minimum, as this keeps everybody in the safest place possible. For those in school, we’ve been doing some fun things too and here are some photos of Mia keeping busy…she has done PE with Joe Wicks..

..kept Mr Smith busy on the trampoline..

..made tons of craft activities – isn’t Elmer the Elephant great? –

..decorated the windows with rainbows..

..become a whizz on the scooter..

..and at making Pizza!

Mrs Fisher challenged Class 1 to do a dance video – her son Oliver helped her out with hers. Szymon, Zoe and Jasmine took up the challenge and Tyreece even got his puppy in on the act. Brilliant Class 1, keep sending any new ones in to us, we love to see them.

Jasmine and Szymon also roped their parents into a scavenger hunt challenge that Miss Wright set for them. They had to find different food groups and items of different colours, all around the house, photograph the evidence and see who could get back first with a complete set. I think the parents had a whale of a time!

It’s been great to see so many of our younger ones accessing the learning via the iPads. Joseph, Tyler and Tommy have been brilliant and we have some photos here that Tommy managed to upload and send back to Mrs Hill via Showbie – and he is only 6 years old! So, Tommy has been learning about capacity in Science and showing he knew what ‘full’, ’empty’ and ‘part’ meant..

He has also completed a rainbow treasure hunt, drawn a picture of his family..

..drawn, labelled and acted out some facial expressions to go with our emotions..

..as well as accessing apps like Purple Mash and Teach Your Monster to Read. WOW Tommy, well done!

[fvplayer id=”10″]

Don’t forget to share anything you do at home with us….it can be something you’ve chosen yourself, a project about something you enjoy doing or something you would like to learn about. There is no excuse to be bored as the possibilities are endless! You could write a diary about your week, a story, create some scenes with Lego or other action figures and add some captions to make a cartoon strip. Paint a picture, trace a picture up against the light from the window like we do at school, do a funny dance, tell us a joke, bake a cake, set a challenge for your teachers! We can’t wait to see what you do.

Our pastoral team are continuing to contact all of our families regularly and Mrs Coulbeck has been/will be in touch with all of those families in receipt of free school meals. Remember to check your messages on ParentPay as this is going to be the main way in which we can stay in touch with adults. The National Breakfast Programme have also been in touch – they are the ones who provide school with bagels/cereal and porridge for breakfast. They are going to arrange a delivery of these to me once the Easter holidays are over and any families who would appreciate some of these at home should let me know. If any of you are finding it a struggle to get the food you need for your families, please do get in touch as there are many food banks and other establishments that we can put you in touch with for support.

Breaking news – our butterflies have hatched! Welcome to the world, Tony, Dave, Colin, Nigel and Sam – names chosen by Class 3 before we finished!

A big thank you to Mrs Makin and her son Tyler for taking them home and keeping them safe 🙂

Well that’s it from me for now. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and that the Easter Bunny isn’t having to self-isolate!! Send me some photos of your Easter Eggs!

Take care,

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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