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Welcome to this week’s blog.

A couple of weeks ago I talked about the need to ensure that we all look after our mental health and wellbeing. This is something that myself and Mrs Nelson have been looking at; we need to ensure that the offer for our students in September ensures that this work can be done and that our students have time with their peers and the staff team to talk about what has been happening and discuss how this has made them feel. I will be working with Nicola and asking the training team for some support in ensuring that the staff team have the knowledge to support our students.

As we talk of supporting our students, here are Mrs Kirkland and Mr Morrison to tell you all what our pre interns have been working on..

Over the past few weeks, our pre-interns have continued to keep busy with their remote learning. They have been embedding the key words used in their work placements and employability sessions by completing word searches and their training booklets. They have also been reviewing their time on the pathway, focusing on the personal skills they have been developing over the year. Here are some examples of the students’ work.

  • Alan’s word search

  • Examples from Sarah’s training and review booklets..

  • Nathan’s review booklet..

This week we have nominated Nathan and Alan for our Workers of the Week as they completed all the work set within the set time. Well done Alan and Nathan, keep up the good work!

Since our last blog we have completed our socially distanced home visits to say hello to the students. Kieran showed us all the work he had done in his garden. It was very impressive and I think we have a champion landscaper in the making. Alan celebrated his birthday and was keen to show us his bird that he had rescued and the strawberries he has been growing.

It was lovely to see them all and have a good catch up and I would like to thank our students and their parents for letting us come and visit..

This week job coaches have been able to get out and complete some home visits to see students and families face to face. Students in Colin’s group are also coping fantastically well and it was great to see them and have a catch up to find out what they have been doing.

Dominic has said he is doing well within the lock down period. Dominic expressed how boring it has been but he felt it has been a great idea to keep people safe. Lockdown has taught Dominic the importance of keeping safe in a uncertain time. He also said apart from completing work sent to him by staff he has been doing lots of sleeping and playing on his PlayStation. Dominic expressed he is looking forward to September and starting a new chapter within the employability pathway. When asked how he would describe lockdown in three words, Dominic replied with ‘Boring, Boring, Boring!’

Michael said he is keeping fine in this lockdown period. Michael explained that he thought lockdown was rubbish because he couldn’t do anything but does understand why it is important. Michael explained lockdown has made him more patient and to keep busy he has been helping out with family and working out. Michael said he is looking forward to September to continue on the employability pathway and also his celebrate his birthday. He described lockdown as ‘boring, frustrating and rubbish’.

Josie was very excited to see staff and explained she has been keeping fine and well during lockdown. Josie went on to explain she has learnt new routines and the importance of social distancing during the uncertain period and it has also made her feel more independent. To keep busy Josie said she has been running, walking the dog and also looking after the other animals at her home. When asked how she feels about September, she said she can’t wait to go back to see her friends and continue on the employability pathway in a new environment. When asked how to describe lockdown in three words, Josie replied with ‘Boring, rubbish and annoying!’ I think I can detect a bit of a theme here..

Stay safe and see you soon!

Mr Thornton has news for us now from Activ8..

First of all, I’d like to wish everybody well on behalf of the Activ8 team. We wanted to take this opportunity to let you in on what we have been up to, as of late.

The Activ8 team has lived up to their name, keeping active and staying busy. The group visited Alexandra Park recently, an opportunity which our students firmly grasped with both hands. Mr Lawrence and Mr Newton took the rest of the team through a fitness session, and I’m pleased to say: “ fitness levels have been well maintained, during the lockdown period.” A few achy muscles, but a fantastic session..

Just yesterday, we took the opportunity to hold a video meeting with our students. Initially, for a change, the lads had nothing to say! Before long though, the usual quirky personalities began to show.

Now lockdown measures have eased a little, Jay wanted to get back out and access ‘the great outdoors’, enjoying a lovely, safe fishing trip with his family.

DJ has built himself a fantastic home gym. Top class DJ, that’s what we want to see, keep up the good work!

The passion for sport within the group continues to shine. Kai, particularly, has shown a wealth of sports knowledge, that even the best sports pundits would be proud of. With the return of Premier League football, he is firmly in his element. Although, he was unable to hide his disappointment when a certain team ended their 30-year wait to win a league title.

The Showbie group has been in ‘full swing’ – besides the general chitchat, students have submitted some fantastic work, testing their knowledge of sport, the human body and Mr Newton’s famous home-workouts.

Myself, Mr Lawrence and Mr Newton have been extremely pleased not only with the level of work submitted but also with the ability, resilience and efforts the team have shown.

Lastly, I’d like to take this opportunity to urge everyone to continue to follow the latest government guidelines and take care of one another.

That’s all from us this week. Until next time, take care and stay safe.

Finally, staff have been busy writing end of year reports for all the students and these will be sent out via email or ParentPay early next week. I have been working my way through reading these and even though we have missed a term of learning, all the students have worked extremely hard and achieved so much.

Have a good weekend – despite the rain!

Jaina and the Team

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