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Well what a bumper edition of our blog we have for you this weekend…and we’ve only been back two weeks!

Our week began with the arrival of a Space Dome in our gym.  It was huge, an air-filled dome that all the children went into.  They lay down and were then taken on a voyage through our Solar System.  It was fantastic – they got to see all the planets up close and learn about their features, found out how far away from us the planets and stars are, how fast they all move plus much more.  Mia was very brave going inside as she was a little anxious about the dark and the noise.  When I peeked in the gym, all I could hear was her exclaiming “Oh my goodness” every time they saw something new 🙂

The gentleman that delivered the sessions actually said that it was the most challenging day, but in the best way, that he had ever had, and the reason for this was that he was bombarded with really tricky questions from every group.  He was very impressed!

Following this, we all took the learning back into the classroom to do some more investigating.  Our KS2 classes wanted to visualise how far apart the planets were from the sun and they did this in different ways.   Class 1 & 2 created a scale model on the field which stretched all the way from one side to the other.  Class 3 rolled out a toilet roll the length of the corridor and then counted the squares to spread the planets out at the right intervals.

Classes 1 and 3 have had a great time building mini rockets and using science investigations to launch them.  Here are some photos and videos of the outcomes.  The most memorable launch was when one rocket went through an empty tile space in class 3 – the children’s faces when it disappeared into the roof space were a picture!

[fvplayer id=”19″]

Class 1 also used the Commando Joe box to bring their learning to life in the gym.  They worked in teams to create both a rocket and also to design a spacesuit for their astronaut.  They had to explain the different features to the rest of the class.

We also welcomed our new Yoga teacher, Candice from Active Angels (https://activeangelswell-being.co.uk/)

She was just brilliant with the children and made them all feel at ease, particularly our new pupils who had not experienced Yoga before.  Again, all of our children took part and we look forward to welcoming her back next week.

You may be aware that we have worked with Manchester City and their City in the Community coaches for the last couple of years.  This year we have met a new coach,  Matthew Lofthouse, and he certainly kept the children busy on Tuesday.  Lots of sweaty bodies and rosy cheeks made their way back into class, that’s for sure!  On Friday, we also met Jordan from CITC as he came to do some Healthy Eating & Cooking with us as part of the City Lifestyles programme.  Overnight Oats were the dish of the day as the children learned about the sugar content of different foods and chose the fruit that they wanted to include in their healthy snack.

A big thank you to all of our visitors for both sharing theirs/respecting our Risk Assessments and ensuring that all of our activities were able to be completed observing current social distancing guidelines.

A lovely highlight of the week for me was when a new pupil, Bradley, came to see me as he was very excited to have learned one of the features of our iPads.  He told me that although he has lots of ideas and had learned a lot about our topic of Space, he found it incredibly difficult to get these ideas down on paper.  Mrs Pulman had shown him how he could speak his ideas to the iPad and his words would be converted to text on the page.  To say he was amazed is an understatement – he had a huge smile as he realised that writing didn’t have to be as stressful as he thought.  Wonderful.

Our younger pupils in Class 5 have had a fantastic week.  I am blown away by how well they have all settled back into school.  A parent was commenting that her daughter had been so happy to be at school – I think they have genuinely missed one another.  They welcomed a new pupil this week, Sebastian, and he has made a super start too.  He told me his first morning had been “the best!”  During playtime, Sofiane was turned into Minecraft Steve and they all wanted to have a go – we had to get him through the door sideways!

On their outdoor education afternoon, Class 5 popped over to Diggle and the lovely Grandpa Green’s.  They played, took turns, climbed through the trim trail course and of course ended their day with some yummy ice creams.  Can you believe they didn’t bring any back??  Well, Joseph had plenty around his chin, but told me he “was saving that for later”.

They have all been working hard on their word recognition and counting skills this week.  They particularly enjoyed playing Word Splat to help them learn the high frequency words.  Mrs Hill and Mrs Makin are really pleased with the progress they have made.  They even took some homework on Friday and I have never seen anybody as excited about this as Harry was!

Class 4 have had a good week too.  The teachers and children have been getting to know one another as they hadn’t met prior to September.  They had a trip to Alexandra Park and a Treasure Hunt in the Forest School, making the most of the beautiful weather we have had this week.

They’ve also been doing some drama in class, creating freeze frames – you can see them here working together to decide what to do.

They also enjoyed the cooking with City Lifestyles and did a great job of cutting up their own fruit.

Even their maths lessons have been active this week.  They have been looking at place value, identifying which numbers were bigger or smaller by making “crocodile mouth” signs with their arms.

Class 1 ventured out to Stamford Park too..

..and Class 2 spent Friday up on Blackstone Edge.  This was a first trip out for some of our new pupils and it’s safe to say they had a great day.  Mr Kenworthy was particularly impressed by what a great hiker Logan was.  Logan told me they got so far in front that the other boys looked like ants!  Well done Logan.

Class 3 have also been learning their high frequency words by playing matching games and here is Kayleb learning the meaning of some new mathematical vocabulary.

We ended our week with a lovely gesture from Ann, the owner of the butty shop opposite school.  She always asks after the children and surprised us with two boxes of cupcakes that she had made especially for them.  One each for every child, how very kind.  Thank you Ann, they were delicious and very much appreciated.

I hope you’ve all had a restful weekend – mine has been quiet as my youngest (& noisiest!) son has left for University this week.  It doesn’t seem two minutes since he was at primary school himself – treasure every minute.

Take care,

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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