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Another busy week done and I can’t quite believe that it’s going to be October next week!

Before we have a round up of the fantastic work our children have been doing, I have a couple of exciting developments to share with you all.  Firstly, this week has seen the launch of our very new app, PARENT CONNECT.  This will make it so much easier to share information with you all in a timely way, and it will be so convenient as it comes straight to your mobile phone.  If you haven’t registered for this, please do so as soon as possible – details were sent to everyone this week, so let us know if you need some help doing this.

Secondly, you will see that we now have our own Facebook page.  It will now be easier to share news from school and we will be able to do this throughout the week, rather than just having only the blog.  We can’t wait to learn more about both of these and over the next few weeks, our teachers will be contacting you too using the app.  Exciting times 🙂

Now, onto the children!  Class 1 have had a great week. They started off with a surprise from Mrs Fisher as she had seen over the weekend that Cockfield Farm had some baby piglets.  Pigs are Marley’s favourite animal, so she couldn’t resist.  They had a lovely morning learning about all the animals, and of course made time to play on the park as well.

As part of their Space topic, the class had to design and build satellite towers.  They used wooden blocks to do this and worked really well to support each other to improve their original designs.

Working with Manchester City is a regular part of our week and Class 1 have worked with three different coaches this week.  As well as their usual PE Session with Matthew, they also took part in a healthy lifestyles lesson with Jordan.  They prepared fruit to make pictures and they looked so good! They were also very lucky to be able to work with another coach from City’s Heart Start programme.  All of our children have learned about the importance of CPR this week and had the opportunity to practise these skills.  What a fantastic opportunity! They were all very interested and took it extremely seriously.

Maths lessons in Class 1 have been very physical too – they have had jumping number lines, been estimating numbers to 10,000 and doing distances of planets out on the field.

Finally, Mrs Fisher has been teaching the children the importance of taking care of their mental health.  As well as Yoga and mindfulness sessions, they have also started to make their own Happy Boxes to help them learn self-regulation techniques.  Well done Class 1, you have had a fantastic week!

Onto Mr Cruz and Class 2 now.  They have been looking at the Artemis Moon base, which is proposed for 2024.  Using the “pages” app on the iPads,  the boys made posters to advertise for people to join the new colony.  This involved thinking of which skills would be needed to make their new community successful.  They also used the “photo-booth” app to make drawings of rockets they designed symmetrical.  Don’t they look great?  They designed the rockets specifically to transport people to the moon once the base is open.  It seems unreal that it could be their generation making these trips for real doesn’t it?

Class 2 have also been learning this week that they can be a good friend in many ways and importantly, that friends can sometimes disagree without having to fall out.  That’s quite a difficult concept when you’re only 9 years old!  Logan has demonstrated extreme kindness and sensitivity this week on more than one occasion and Blake left the staff speechless with his analogy of friendship.  The class were discussing a situation where friends had disagreed and then one of them wasn’t honest about what had happened trying to get somebody else into trouble. Blake explained that,

“friendship is like climbing Mount Everest at times. It all goes smoothly but sometimes you need a rest stop along the way. The danger is that if you try to push your friend off the mountain, you end up losing your own footing too.”  

Wow! Blake is only in Y5 and I think we could all learn from his very wise words.

Class 3 have had a fun week ending with a trip out on Friday to Jodrell Bank.  They had a fantastic day and I think Lucy won the prize for being the most excited EVER!!! She actually cried when it was time to come home, but we are thrilled that she enjoyed it so much.  They discovered the history of all the satellites and were blown away by the size of the Lovell Telescope!

Mrs Pulman also set them the challenge this week of designing a spacecraft that would protect the astronaut inside. They decorated their astronaut egg and then set about designing a craft for it to travel in.  The spacecraft were then unceremoniously chucked out of the staff room window upstairs, whilst the children watched from the playground to see which ones landed unharmed. Great fun had by all.  Special mention needs to go to Calvin who not only made the most robust spacecraft, but was also incredible at helping the others in his class. Well done all of you.

For Class 4, teamwork has been the theme of the week.  Miss Fell and Mrs Lawrie have provided lots of opportunities for their class to help each other, to recognise their own strengths and how they can help others with these and also how to take turns sensibly.  You can see Zane and Luke helping each other here.

They also enjoyed their session with Heart Start.

In Maths, they have been learning how to represent numbers in different ways, as well as using concrete materials to help with their calculations.

Finally we share the progress Class 5 have been making and what a busy week they have had!

In Science, they have been learning about Life Cycles – just listen to Tommy explaining to Moss Wright about the life cycle of a butterfly – well done Tommy!

[fvplayer id=”20″]

They have worked with Jordan from City to make healthy fruit cocktails and had to practise using the knives safely. Look at the concentration on their faces!

They have produced lots of art in the playground – you can see how pleased Tommy and Mia look with theirs 🙂

Rylan and Tommy W have been busy building structures in the playground and showing everyone what good friends they are.

In Maths, they have been learning to make and represent numbers by making and drawing a variety of tally charts. They have used shapes, hoops, tens frames, and practised their skills in many ways.  They have also been adding up numbers from dice and spinners, making sums from digit cards and using numicon pieces to show numbers.  They are becoming so confident talking about Maths now, it’s wonderful to see.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”26″ gal_title=”Class 5 Maths 25.9.20″]

Our last photos are from their trip to Heaton Park on Monday. Yet another glorious day, roly-poly’s down the hill were the most popular activity.

[fvplayer id=”21″]

I’m surprised they could stand up after doing this for over an hour! As you can see, they had an amazing time 🙂

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”27″ gal_title=”Class 5 Park 25.9.20″]

I hope you have had a restful weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week.

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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