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It’s been a week of meetings this week for me – I have met with the Executive Team to update our Risk Assessment, I have met with families to discuss the progress their children are making and I’ve also been speaking to Local Authorities and parents of prospective new pupils. Busy, busy, busy!

Our space topic continues in school and Class 1 have been combining some practical activities with finding out more about the life of an astronaut. They used the Commando Joe’s kit to devise some team games in the gym by pretending they had to collect rock samples off the floor whilst keeping the oxygen tanks on their backs between them.

They did really well! They have also made solar systems which now look great on display.

They have played Uno and other games that have rules – they found it harder to play when they had to stick to them!

They also had fun with another game in the gym – this involved them all lying down and having to balance a large ball on their feet, passing it around a circle. Mrs Fisher said it was much harder than it looked and required really precise communication – as well as lots of resilience so they didn’t give up!

In Maths they have found out what Roman Numerals were..

..and in English have been writing diary entries about an astronaut’s first trip to the space station.

Well done Class 1, another great week 🙂

Bailey from Class 2 came to see me on Tuesday following his music lesson. He has been learning the guitar chords to an Oasis track – I’ve told him I will come and film him playing next week so that I can share it with you. He was asked by Lucy to show her how to play and it was lovely to watch him being so patient with her.

[fvplayer id=”23″]

Class 2 have been making their own planet paintings, experimenting with different paint effects.

They also did a bit of upcycling by adding paint splashes to some old phone cases.

I had the pleasure of spending some time in the gym with Class 3. We had originally gone I to fly some rockets they had made, as it was raining outside, but this quickly turned into an impromptu parkour session! Mr Hopkins – you would have been impressed! I was very pleased to see how well they organised themselves. I purposely didn’t get too involved and between them they decided which equipment they wanted to use, discussed how to keep it safe, sorted out any disagreements, agreed some rules and encouraged each other all the way around. It was a great afternoon and it is no exaggeration to say that Bradley must have completed the circuit at least 50 times!

[fvplayer id=”24″]

Before we packed everything away, Eric wanted to show me his headstand that he had been learning how to do in Yoga – well done Eric!

Class 4 took a trip to Tandle Hills on Wednesday with both Miss Fell and Mrs Lawrie. TJ was like a pig in mud – you may be just about able to spot him in the muddy area below the fallen tree trunk? He was there for ages and loved feeling the different textures on his feet.

In English, they have been using storymapping to help them structure their stories – Luke and Tyler came to show me theirs and were very pleased with what they had produced.

Class 5’s outdoor education saw them taking another trip to Grandpa Greene’s in Diggle. There are some fantastic walks up there and lots of adventures to be had.

They stopped to watch all the activity on the building site too.

In Maths, counting back from 20 was an activity they have been practising this week.  They have used the tuff trays to practise spelling in flour – these multi sensory activities really appeal to our children.

During Topic lessons they have been making some chick masks and have been writing sentences with adjectives to describe butterflies.

On Wednesday, they worked with Jenny from Relax Kids – teamwork was one area they looked at as she challenged them to pass a hoop over all of them without breaking their circle.

We had two exciting deliveries too this week. Firstly, all of our new reading books arrived! Mrs Lawrie, Mrs Fisher and Mrs Hill were very excited and you can see them here sorting them all out. It’s a great addition to our resources as all the books, as well as supporting activities, are also available on the iPads!

We also had a visit from Manchester City who came to donate 25 brand new footballs to us. How very generous, a massive thank you to all at the club from our children as they are very much appreciated!

The Parent Connect App is working really well and we have nearly 80% of our families up and running on this now. The feedback is excellent and it is making it so simple for families to contact us and find out the information they need. Please log on using the link we have sent to you asap if you have not already done so.

Well that’s all from me for this week. I hope you are all well and that it’s not too long before we can start to see more of you in school.

Take care everyone,

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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