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Only one week left until we break up for half term and thankfully we have managed to avoid having to close our bubble so far.  Thank you all for being so responsible about whether to send your children in if they’ve not been feeling 100% – it has definitely helped us all to stay safe and well.

Quite a short blog from us this week as we weren’t able to get all the photographs sorted before we left on Friday – I will make sure they are all included next week though.

In Class 1, The Commando Joe’s session saw Class 1 having to work together to form a human chain. They then had to work together to collect equipment to rebuild their space ship.

In Science, they have been looking at the phases of the moon…using Oreo biscuits to demonstrate.  I get the feeling that not many were left at the end of the lesson!

They have also been finishing off their rockets..

..and Tyreece wowed us with his Solar System Rap..

[fvplayer id=”26″]

They ended the week with a great trip to Heaton Park – how fast do you think Marley was going, judging by his face?? 🤣

Mr Cruz, as you may know, is himself a talented artist and he enjoys passing on these skills to the boys. Liam has been using the brushes app on the iPad to help him relax and it has been working very well.  Here are some of his first attempts at using the app to layer paint.

The boys looked at sea glass and thought about how things once thrown away as waste have been transformed into something beautiful.

They have also started to make their rockets to finish off our space topic.  Rather than making one each, they have chosen to work on sections instead and combine them.  I look forward to seeing the finished one next week.

Eric was very happy this week when he got all of his spellings correct – he has been working very hard in class learning them in a number of different ways.  Well done Eric!

Tyler made a fabulous drawing of the Solar System on the iPad and made sure to keep all the different elements to scale.

Finally, onto Class 5 and we start off by listening to Sebastian and Bailey doing the phonics rap!

[fvplayer id=”25″]

We agree Sebastian and Bailey, you are so good, good, good!

Learning to read and spell the common exception words is a big task when you’re little, so we make this as much fun as we can and learn in lots of different ways too. Here are the children having to throw the beanbag into the correct hoop and using whiteboards to join together to spell words correctly.

Harry got all of his spellings correct too and was so pleased – I’m not surprised as he arrived on Monday clutching a handful of extra homework he had done without even being asked! Well done Harry, your hard working is paying off.

Class 5 also didn’t let the rain stop them from having their afternoon out on Monday – although they all needed wringing out when they got back!  I’ve always said if you don’t come back muddy or wet, you haven’t had a good time, so judging by these photos, they had a ball!

Relaxation skills were evident when Jenny visited us from Relax Kids, the children really enjoy these sessions.

The Hungry Caterpillar book has been helping the children learn about repeated phrases, ordering, matching and many more things this week…

They have also been looking at different actions and deciding whether it is a friendly or unfriendly thing to be doing…

On Friday, our Lifestyles Coach from @citc taught the children how to make a deliciously healthy chicken salad and a fruit kebab – they smelt wonderful!  The children did all of the chopping themselves using sharp knives, so it was important that they listened and watched how to do this safely.

Hope you have all had a lovely week and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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