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I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend – can you believe that it will be December on Tuesday?!?!? I never normally put up my decorations at home until about mid-December, but they’ve gone up today – if I’m stuck in anyway, I may as well be surrounded by festive cheer!!

I had the pleasure of meeting with the Trustees this week and sharing with them the excellent work that the staff and children are doing. It was lovely to receive the feedback that we did.

We have had a super busy week again. Starting with Class 1 and Commando Joe, where their team working skills are going from strength to strength. This week saw them having to make a bridge and then work together to take across their food and water.

A trip to Heaton Park saw them meeting the resident peacock and posing for photos that look like an 80s boy band album cover!

Another trip saw them investigating the ruins at Rivington and they continued on to Astley Park nearby which had a great castle themed playground.

Science lessons have seen the children learning about air resistance and they made parachutes to demonstrate what they had learned.

[fvplayer id=”27″]

Mrs Fisher though, was so, so proud of the work the class has done in English. They have loved the Shakespeare topic, particularly learning about the unusual language of the time! They wrote their own Witches Potions/spells and we have two examples here for you of Zoe’s and Marley’s – they are amazing!! Well done all of you!

Class 2 have had a wonderful week – they have worked so hard and have been talking about how they learn a lot with Mr Cruz. He has reminded them of how far they have come, not only with their academic learning, but also in their social and emotional development. Blake and Addison only joined us in September and the progress they have made is amazing. In fact Addison has used some of his playtime to do some extra research on the iPad – well done 🙂

They rounded off their week with a fabulous trip to Mam Tor, where they did some serious climbing! I bet the boys slept when they got home that night, they looked shattered when they got back to school!

Class 3 have been building the most amazing castle to help.to learn about the different parts of the structure. They really are experts now! Here they are busy at work and then playing with the finished version – even renacting some sword battles!

In Maths they have been learning about ordinal numbers and have made their brooms from the Room on the Broom storybook..

..and also played word splat to recognise the spellings..

Class 4 have been busy in Science, learning about what kind of materials are magnetic.

They have also been practising addition in a number of ways, using both practical and written methods.

We also have for you some more photos of when they were at the castle, and tree-climbing!

Finally to Class 5, back to full strength staff wise this week, and they have certainly been busy. I have had a constant stream of little visitors eager to show off their work, it really has been wonderful to see.

It was Miss Wright’s birthday so a quick game of pass the parcel was in order.

The Maths learning has been amazing this week- they have used <, > and = to compare numbers, they have ordered cards and here is Tommy doing this..

Tommy and Rylan ordered numbers in the slime and Mia can be seen ordering numbers on a Caterpillar game.

Sebastian was ordering letters and numbers and amounts too in the tuff tray.

They have also been learning ordinal numbers, like first, second, third etc… and have done this by lining up in order..

..following ordering instructions in slime like Joseph is doing here..

..and then racing cars and choosing the right card to give their cars a position. .

No wonder they were pleased with themselves, they’ve worked their socks off!

Well, this week will see school start to take on a Christmassy feel and our tree is ready to go up. We are going to be having our Christmas dinner on Friday 11th so if any children who normally have a packed lunch would like to buy a Christmas meal, just let us know and we can get that sorted for you.

Take care everyone,

Miss Thomason
Head of School

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