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A Catch Up!

Hi everyone,

I need to start with an apology that we haven’t been able to share a blog the last couple of weeks. I’ve not been well unfortunately, but all is back to normal and we have a bumper blog for you as a result!

Mrs Fisher and Class 1 have been ever so busy:

They have been exploring what things they enjoy doing to support their own mental health and wellbeing. Luke really enjoyed the foot spa – it’s probably the only time we have seen him sat still!

Fabulous communication skills were evident during Commando Joe, where they worked together to make tents in the hall.

Whilst talking about the changing seasons, conkers were mentioned. Some of the children didn’t know what a conker fight was so on their trip to the park, they went on a conker hunt. They were very excited with how many they found!

In Science they have been learning all about blood and the function it serves in our bodies. The children could talk confidently about the plasma, platelets and cells and enjoyed making their own ‘blood’ too. Finally in history, they have been exploring how the Victorian children might have spent their leisure time and what kind of games they might have played. They were surprised to find out that even then, games like hopscotch were played too.

In English lessons, class 2 have been reading the novel Great Expectations. They have enjoyed learning about the different characters and how the plot builds. As the make up of the class has changed this year, getting to know each other and build a team spirit is important. Team building this week took them over to Mam Tor, where they explored the collapsed road and took in the magnificent views at the top. They all had a fab day. They have also been learning about traditional Victorian toys and were able to build their own train track.

Class 3 asked if they were able to have a fish tank in class and we agreed that yes they could, as long as they could convince Mrs Pulman that they knew how to look after them properly and could work out how much it would cost to buy and keep them. This kept them busy in maths and topic lessons and they certainly did their homework! Off they went to the Pet shop and back they came with 6 new zebra fish. I’m pleased to say they are taking the responsibility seriously.

They have been making the most of Mrs Pulman’s forest school training and head up there every Wednesday. Last week saw them making popcorn on the fire which was very exciting! This week’s session started in English where they sorted instructions for cooking bread in the outdoors. After making the dough, they rolled strips around twigs and then cooked the twists over the fire – how clever is that?! The boys assured me that they tasted great.

Class 4 have been working hard on learning to co-operate with one another and recognising both their own emotions and those of others. This has involved lots of opportunities for working together and supporting each other with their learning. They have spent time playing board games (winning & losing!) playing with toys, sharing at the park and much more.

In maths they have been working hard to learn about place value and have been practising counting in multiples of 2 and 5.

With some relaxing Yoga and collecting leaves in the forest school for Autumn artwork, it’s been a very productive few weeks!

Last, but not least, to our youngest pupils in class 5. Their computing lessons have seen them learn how to program instructions into 2go to create shapes. In maths they have been grouping objects into 10s and they met a horse on their lovely nature walk, which they loved! They have been practising turn taking and following instructions with the game Frustration and other board games. In Art, they have created some beautiful work – first of all by painting using different brush strokes and making rubbings with different materials, then combining these skills by imitating the work of Paul Klee – I think we have got some budding artists coming through school! In Geography, they have been using their senses to explore the environment around school, and in English, they have been practising their speaking and listening skills by using their voices to retell the story of Jack & the Beanstalk. Finally, in Science they have been finding out all about making predictions about hand hygiene and where those pesky germs could be hiding! Once they had perfected the hand washing, they talked about different kinds of healthy snacks, making some delicious scrambled eggs!!

Phew! It’s no wonder they come home tired is it?!

I hope you all have had a restful weekend – mine started with 3pts at football, so I’m happy ⚽️⚽️👍👍

See you all next week,

Miss Thomason


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